10 More Bears!

Wow, what a weekend. KNIT KNIT KNIT. Helped out George a little bit. Cleaned his pool up, then dove in to cool off. Rode with him to Target so he could get some new sheets, then spent the rest of my time knitting like crazy….but I don’t like the title, “Crazy Man Knitting,” so I’ll just stick with Mad Man Knitting. 🙂

Stayed up rather late most nights this weekend chugging tons of coffee and watching the Golden Girls in marathon fashion. Friday night I pulled an all nighter and just kept going until lunch the next day. I’m excited and energized because I want to make this work. I always have. But, beyond making it work as a means of survival, I want it to expand, grow, move to the next level…..whatever that may be. Kara and I will be heading to the post office soon. I’m anxious for her to snag a picture of all these boxes.

So, today is the last day of my rent deadline. Its about 11am now, and I have until 6pm to sell 10 more bears and get rent covered. I can handle more bears! We can do this! Grab a bear! Grab one for a friend!

(Sorry this blog post isnt as eloquent, but I gotta get back to knitting today!)


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