BIG, HUGE, LONG weekend of knitting. LOVED it. LOVED IT! I had a big pot of chicken soup at my disposal (thanks to a friend) so I didn’t have to cook anything. Coffee was at the ready. Nothing to contend with, save the occasional visit to see if George was ok. (He’s fine). Sat here Friday night with a Golden Girls marathon and knit until dawn. Took a quick nap, woke, got on with it. Saturday was no different…..well, ok, I threw in some of my favorite Brit-Coms into the mix, but it was nonstop back to back knit knit knit. Sunday night, I kept going…and going….and GOING. I didn’t WANT to stop. I wanted to make sure these orders went out. And somewhere around 5am Monday morning I took a brief nap and waited for Kara to come take me to the post office. Just before leaving, she snapped a pic of me next to my boxes and boxes of bears. 10 boxes. 16 bears. Wow….

(now, she could have at LEAST told me to buckle my trousers and lace up my boots before she took the pic, but there you have it). I look rough and delightful all at the same time. The smile. The big smile of achievement, of work fulfilled. Of hands labored to bring in food and sustenance. That’s what a man finds pride in. His own work bringing in his own rewards.  THIS is what I’ve been doing since I started this teddy bear business….Hands that work to feed me, and a point proven that any of us and all of us should ever forget that we have the worth needed, given to us by God, our own creativity to bring ourselves back round to truth: creation, work done by the hands, doesn’t just feed your belly, but feeds the soul, inspires, encourages others, brings hope, brings PRIDE. So much PRIDE in the labors that support and sustain.

And once I returned from the post office I saw these wonderful messages. “Good job!” But even some deeper ones in my inbox. Messages from people all around the world that consistantly reminded me of something I had not thought about. These messages discussed inspiration. “If you can do it, then I can to. Thank you for reminding me that there is something inside me I can use to make my life whole again.” I had always thought my little teddy bears when they reach little hands brought big smiles, but I never for a moment thought that this action here, sitting here in this chair knitting, these words being typed out and read by others actually inspired others to take up their crafts, to work with their hands to support themselves, but more so, to offer some gift to the world. IT NEVER dawned on me that this was something people saw when they read this blog: that you can do it, too. I inspired…..and I never really thought about that. I just wanted to see people happy holding their bears. But, I was reminded today that the whole process, these last months and years, affected people enough to pick up their passions and run….and go! And I’m humbled by that.

photo6ft boxesSo, here’s the pic of me looking dorky, not having changed my clothes in 3 days, nor sleeping well, proudly standing next to my six foot box of bears. I need to sell 3 more teddy bears to get rent tended to. Click here to adopt one.

And you know what? I’m proud of that. I’m proud  of such hard work….and kind comments in return….and knowing a weekend of determination helped to inspire others.

Thanks, ya’ll. I love the fact that we’re all here together….to help and inspire each other.



  1. Isaiah 45:11-12
    Thus says the Lord,
    the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker:
    “Will you question me[a] about my children,
    or command me concerning the work of my hands?
    I made the earth,
    and created man upon it;
    it was my hands that stretched out the heavens,
    and I commanded all their host.

    As a person who creates things with her hands, this verse always makes me realize how dear the things are to God that He Himself created!!! Just think of all of your bears!!! I know that in some way you are pleased with every one of them!!!
    What great work you do to be able to create something that makes people happy and yet gives you a way to pay the bills. As we give the work of OUR HANDS into the Trusting Hands of OUR CREATOR……He loves us each so much that he loves to Bless us!!! The more we Give to the Creator the more we get of Pure Joy!

    Thanks for working so hard this weekend to make people happy!!!

  2. Your trousers might not have been belted but at least your zip was up! heehee

    I’m one of the people that you inspired…thank you (((big hug)))

  3. You have been BUSY! I am back on track knitting, also. Maybe I can finish a languishing project or two thanks to your inspirational marathon. When you get a moment, I sent a couple of emails to you but now I know why you haven’t answered!

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