You! Put Those Needles Down!

I deserve it, right? After last weeks knitting marathon, and then this last weekends super push, I deserved it, don’t I? Sent out 16 bears on Monday, then came home, sat back in this chair, grabbed my needles….and just sat there.

I looked around at my little apartment and saw how untidy it was, saw Mario over on the bed, curled up andΒ  looking cute, then looked back down at me needles and said, “You know what???? I deserve a day off…..”

I took TWO days off. No knitting, no emails, no blogging, no nothing. Instead, I cleaned up my apartment, scratch Mario’s chin whenever I felt like it, wandered around Barnes and Noble (so I could just peek at books and steal some Air Conditioning. Its been over 100 with the heat index…..about 110 in my apartment), flipped through magazines, spent a lot of time over at George’s, and slept without feeling guilty.

I think before, I felt guilty if I wasn’t working, constantly working, to get orders out the door in a timely manner. Because again, if I don’t knit, I don’t eat. That’s as simple as you can put it. But, I didn’t feel guilty about not working for 2 days. Not in the slightest. I started plotting in my head to actually spill out some sort of timeline. I’ll work from 9 to 11 corresponding and answering emails. I’ll work from 11 to 1 knitting, take an hour to lunch, then knit from 2 to 7. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I’ll hit the post office. I’ll put a little more discipline into this gig of mine and I bet things will work much more smoothly.

So, here it is, during my “correspondence” hour ( πŸ™‚ ) and its time to answer some emails and get back to work.

Thank you all for ordering bears this last weekend. It helped get rent together. So, now its time to start knitting up more, so I can sell more!

Have a great day everyone!



  1. Yes you need to take time off for you now and then. Don’t let people stress you out. Some can get to be really stressful at times.

  2. must always remember that life is for living πŸ˜‰ I forget occasionally and have to take stock. But reading you blog reminds me that life is for living and I make my own choices.

  3. Lost, looking for a blue knitted rabbit, a purple one of a kind koala bear and another bear. Last seen at your knitting needles. If found, please email update of shipping status. Reward if found!

    Sent from my iPad

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