In Response to Hipsters

So, I’ve had some interesting interactions with “hipsters” lately. I’m not gonna use quotes for the rest of this blog, we’ll just call them hipsters.

I don’t need to go into details about the actual incidents, but let’s just say over the past couple of weeks I’ve dealt with hipsters on a less than stellar basis. Its my neighborhood, its young….hip. What I will say is that throughout my incidences with them I’ve noticed the same scenarios recurring over and over. “Equal rights. Save the Earth. We are the 99%. Respect individuality. Eat organic. Bullying is bad….”

However, what I’ve experienced with them on a first hand basis is intolerance, aloofness, arrogance. They seem convinced their own self importance, as if they are the chosen generation to save the world and the rest of us are morons who can’t get it right.  Not much of what they say is even genuine. I see them looking down at their smart phones, read a facebook post and think they’ve read truth. They look down on people who don’t look think like they do, clones of some horrid fashion sense that in some ways makes me feel offended. I’m not fond of seeing hip kids attempting to look homeless because its chic. That strikes a cord with me on a VERY personal level.

And you can tell the leaders from the followers. You can see the one’s who try their damndest to be accepted by the hipsters. They always just look a TOUCH different as the others. As though its forced. It all reminds me so much of a book I published in 2008. But, let me clarify. I started writing that book when I was 17 and finished it was I was 30, rewrote it and published it when  I was 35. Its always been my favorite book. Everyone trying to look like the “cool people,” everyone trying to belong, everyone dying to be a part of something they thought would solve their problems. And the thing you sacrifice? Your identity. You want so badly to be counted among the brilliant and have others take notice of you that you toss your true self out the window.

PhantomEXPfrontWith a short film and a little soundtrack to boot, the book went no where. Oh well….People LOVE “Mad Man Knitting-or-The Waiter and The Fly,” but I gotta say I had intense fun and love writing “The Phantom Ghores.” I see things on occasion and think, “Dude….that is SO Phantom Ghore.” Its a fun book! Orwellian, humorous, dark, sexy, (dirty sometimes), Gothic in the richest of ideas, and intently focused on a message of authenticity. (See, not all of my books are about knitting 🙂 )

In light of all these mad incidences with hipsters, and feeling they needed a real kick in the butt with a message about their lack of REAL authenticity, I decided to put the PDF of the book as a download for free for a few days. You can download it here. ThePhantomGhores

“The Phantom Ghores are vain, arrogant people who dress themselves in 1930s clothing. They have enormous wealth and power, not to mention manners that exceed the limits of pomposity. Theirs is the most exclusive club in the world, and yet there is only one requirement for joining: you must be dead. Revealed here is an expose on their lives and deaths. Learn about Acquisitions and Resurrections, Grave Diggers and Vocalists, Houses and Death Scars. Learn from one of their own about this secret society of the dead where deceit and trickery are artful endeavors and where your only ambition is to belong… From the squares of Savannah to the discos of Berlin, The Phantom Ghores is more than a fiction novel, it is a metaphor for arrogance, the homogenization of our society, and the willingness to forfeit individuality for the sake of acceptance.”

Oh and don’t forget to check out the trailer! And I put up the donate button so if you’d like to toss a few dollars into my yarnbowl for reading the book (imagine me strumming a guitar on the sidewalk) then please PLEASE do!!! Even a dollar helps….can you imagine if everyone who read my blog donated a dollar??? Wow. Rent for NEXT month would be paid. So, if you enjoy my work, please DO donate. It makes writing and knitting easier.

Did I mention there was a soundtrack? Trying to find a way to get it back….



  1. Wow, that’s telling it like it is, congrats! I’ve thought those exact same thoughts for many years now, but I could never put it into words as well as you have here. There are “hipster” neighbourhoods everywhere around the world. We have them here in Canada too. There are at least 2 or 3 of them right here in Ottawa (rofl). Those people are all the same, no matter where they’re living. Your book sounds fascinating and I would love to read it. Thank you for providing a free download for your “fans”. I’ll definitely donate a “little something” for the pleasure of reading it too. I’ll curl up with my Shamrock beside me to read it. Take care!

  2. I agree with you about the hipsters. The SODO area of Orlando is getting to be as bad as College Park and Winter Park when it comes to hipsters. Well, you get them everywhere. When I was in high school we called them Yuppies. Thanks for the share!

  3. Interesting as always! Just dropping a comment in hopes you think of me for just a second this Thursday. I’m going in to major surgery, the kind that decides if I will live long enough to knit and crochet for my grandchildren one day or barely see my oldest to the first days of puberty. Just a second is all I need. Keep writing, I’ll keep reading for as long as I get 😀

  4. Being autistic I spent so much of my growing years trying to work out what I was missing, only to realise I was missing nothing and I didn’t have to fit the rest of them! I am me, Thank you for the Free copy I am enjoy the waiter and the fly and look forward to the phantom ghores.
    I am 45 this year and my oldest hits 20, I have done my best to raise my three to be themselves, not just extensions of the childhood pop culture, to understand just cause someone is different and doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they have any less validity to exist.
    ‘Hipsters’ should be more aware of others but in fact are just as self centered as any group, and just feel they know the answer and you have no point of view. Its sad either they grow up and learn otherwise or they don’t and never see the world is more than a set of ‘truths’.

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