My Best Friend’s Bear

photoc3Kara’s been out hunting down yarn lately. I’ve recently taught her to crochet and make purses…..and now she’s hooked. And you know how I can tell? She was working up this bag with some chenille she found on sale at Joann’s. She ran out of yarn to finish it. Now, I think most people who don’t work with yarn would rather just go, “….eh, whatever,” and let it go. But, I could tell she’d been bitten by the bug because she drove to EVERY single Joann within Central Florida, going so far as Sanford about 20 miles from here to find that one skein to finish her bag.

While there? She found MORE yarn she fell in love with. Yep! See? Only someone bit by the yarn bug would do that. You hold a skein and scream in your head the dreamy delightful things you can do with it. While out running about, she found some things she thought would appeal to me. Now, she handed me this self striping yarn and I immediately thought, “nah, too busy.” But, last night, I was curious to see just what he would look like, my bear, what he would look like all contagiously stripey.

photoc1…I fell in love. I looked at him, thought about it and felt I should have known better. Kara knows what works in my hands. She’s known me for 15 years. She knows my ins and outs, ups and downs, inspirations and distractions.

She came over a short while ago and asked to see the bear and loved it. She asked, “What are you going to call this one?”

“I’m not sure….Usually when I start writing about the bear, his name will come to mind….”

She took pics of the bear, I started knitting, and she started working on her bag, and we in this sweltering 100 degree heat, started a passionate discussion about politics, public education, etc. And sure enough, as she was talking I could see that bear out of the corner of my eye….and I looked at Kara, looked at that bear and said, “I think I know what I’m going to call him.”


“Read my blog later.”

I couldn’t resist naming him, “My Best Friend’s Bear.” Not only because she knew that crazy striping of baby blue, sage green, creme and brown would work in my hands, but because I trusted her. My best friend knows me better than anyone else. She knows when I’m right….and she knows when I’m wrong. “I think you could make a great bear out of this yarn.”

“Nah….I don’t think so….it looks so busy.”

“I think you’re wrong…”

photoc2So, this bear is in honor of my best friend, always on the lookout, always willing to inspire, always sweltering in this little pad of mine just to spend time with me. This bear is for you, Kara. He’s crazy and wild, just like our friendship. Moments of light, moments of dark, but all working together to make something that seems right. And out of that blasting splash of stripe? A moment of calm.

She found this yarn on clearance. We’re not sure if its discontinued, or what, but she bought enough for me to make probably 3 more. But, for now? Let’s start with just this one…..this one best friend.

He’s available for adoption here. Ready to ship.




  1. Lovely bear! He even seems to have a bit of a smile, sort of saying, “Gregory made me and I have a reason to live and have a name due to friendship. Do you think that maybe you and I can be friends?” A shy little smile, full of hope!

    In another vein, I’m still looking for a response to my Lost note to Gregory!

  2. I think he is super-duper! I love the stripe and think it would be fun to see other stripe colors especially for kids! Keep up the good work Kara and, of course, you too Greg!!!

  3. Maybe you can called him “Bestie” for short. By the way, did you receive the donation I sent you through PayPal a couple of days ago?

  4. Kara is such a good friend, give her my love as well, and I like the stripes but I would want more balance, meh spot the short bus kid 😉

  5. That. Is. Awesome. He’s so unique! It’s hard to find self-striping yarns here for some reason. I guess Canadians are biased against them. But not me! I love the bear and I love that you have a friend like Kara.

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