photoc2There was such an overwhelming response to this little bear! I couldn’t believe it. People really loved him, more than I thought they would. As I was working him up, I didn’t think he would work out, but once people saw him, they went crazy over him.

So, I went to Patons website to see where I could more of this yarn called “Harmony.” Apparently, they no longer offer it, which is more than likely why Kara was able to find it on clearance. Which is sad, considering once he was a hit (he sold in 5 minutes!) I thought I could work up new versions in different colors. But, no. It looks like Patons let this yarn go. So, I won’t be able to add him to my collection. Thankfully, Kara snagged me three skeins, which means I can work up three more and ONLY three more. Consider this SEVERELY limited edition.

photoc4So, here you go! If you want to adopt this little bugger, there will only be 4 in existence. The one that flew out of here quickly yesterday, and the three more I can work up. Adopt him now! Like i said, the first one went yesterday in 5 minutes!

Click here to adopt.



  1. Hi Greg….I would think you could find a similar yarn by Lion Brand Yarn?!?! He’s so cute that it would be fun to see other bears made up “stripey”!!! I cannot wait to see my fig colored bear!!!

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