Trying Something

Hope you like. Not quite finished…..but, the bones are in place. The music is by Laura Mvula. Photos by Clint Henderson. More credits later. Was just happy with the draft of this, thought I’d go ahead and share to get insight.



  1. Oh oh what a wonderful clip, The music is fab, I adore the bears and the way you treat them shows how much you care for them too, I love how Florida looks, I got to Orlando once as a peelywally grockle (pale white tourist) for a whole week! and did the parks with my kids but like any place you don’t see the reality only the forty foot plastic adverts. We did walk round rather than drive (which made us stand out a bit) and we did shop at off the strip shops and go to edge of town walmart’s etc but one week is only a flash of Florida. Also there in July didnt give a very good example of normal, though we did get rained on, everyone else ran for cover and we got on the rides quicker, whats soft warm rain when we see 50 miles an hour wind and ice cold rain normally!
    Did see a lovely shot of Mario being camera shy! and I loved the bears on a bike bitty :-). Tell us when its polished and I can pass it round!!!!

  2. Your having waaay to much fun and what great timing! My 11-year-old grandson is visiting and he asked me for some knitting lessons. What a treat to be able to share this with him too.

  3. Great video! Thank you for sharing a little bit of your world with us. Wish the video has gone just a little bit slower though. It’s a little hard to watch for those of us with older, tired eyes. It was a thrill to get to see a little bit of what you see every day though.

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