This is What WE Do….

IMG_20130817_141750You know how much I love seeing pictures of my bears in their new homes. I LOVE IT. Most of the time I smile big and laugh…..but, this one made me so touched, so warmed that I had to share it with you.

Barbara asked me to make a purple bear for her sister-in-law who was having some serious medical issues. Of course I’d make a bear for her. Of course I would. Barbara and I have been corresponding for quite some time and when I heard of her sister-in-laws ailments I was adamant to make this bear hugable, loveable, and hopefully, therapeutic.

When I saw the pictures of her bear being clung to with such love I fell silent. My heart just filled with sympathy for this poor dear. She loves her bear. And I’m hoping it makes her feel better. Just look at that way she holds the bear close to her heart.  This must be one of my most favorite pics of one of my bears ever.

And that’s what we do. We make the world right, we make the world better….one teddy bear at a time. This is what WE do. We make life better for people who could use a smile, something to hold, something to cling to.

Please adopt a teddy bear, if you can, for someone who could use that kind of love.



  1. Gregory, I just had to tell you that I shared this with my-sister-in-law and she has been bragging at the care center about your bears and that she was pictured in your blog! So maybe some more business will come your way from AZ!

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