A Bear for Boyhood

blue2So, after the first striped bear I did, I started REALLY falling in love with these little guys. I love the complexity of colors, I love watching the shading form. I love seeing the bright streak of a light color pass the needles, then give way to the heavy shadow of a contrasting hue. I Especially loved this blue and brown variety. I dunno, maybe its the boy in me. Maybe it reminds me of fern covered banks at the edge of a still lake in the summertime. Maybe it reminds me of the earthen floor of a damp and shaded forest. Maybe it reminds of me of running breathless through the high  yields of a cornfield in a game of chase and catch. Maybe this bear just reminds me that its ok to be a boy and have a teddy bear.

blue5Check out the sunflowers. I actually was growing those in my tiny little plot. They were doing quite well until a heavy rain knocked them down. But, in great resilience the sunflowers have just turned their heads back towards the sun, beaten down, but not destroyed.

This bear is extremely limited edition. ONLY TWO available and ready to ship. So, if you’d like to adopt him, click here.


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