Ready, Set…..VOTE!

Ok. So Martha Stewart organized this little endeavor to promote handmade artisans across the country. Quite simple. There would be a short period for nominees, then a short period for voting on whom people thought were the best in their particular craft.

You know I COULDN’T resist. I HAD to nominate myself. I HAD TO!

Now, I’ve looked at some of the nominees and wow…..there are some massively talented people out there. Some WONDERFUL artists. I think before I would have felt inadequate. I mean some of these people have the business loans and studios that allow them to do some serious work. I don’t have that luxury. Hell, I can barely pay the electric bill, let alone my rent most months. I’m able to work up this teddy bears in a 10×10 little apartment, sharing limited space with boxes of yarn.

But, that’s the point of all this, I thought. We down in the trenches, we way down here looking and reaching for the sunlight wait for things like this. We wait and yearn to be listed in the same category as other established artisans. (Yes, I mean you Franklin Habit). We wait to be seen for the truth behind this handmade dream….that it does often begin at a kitchen table, on a park bench, or in my case, homeless in the woods dreaming of something better to come….and these HANDS of mine, these hands and this talent and this craft of mine yielding a teddy bear would some day serve me well.

I don’t have the likes on my facebook page some of these other artists have, so many of them already have the lead. But, you’ve all been loyal to me, supportive, kind and generous. And if you tell YOUR friends, and they tell THEIR friends….well, I may not have a shot at the grand prize, but at least maybe I could up there enough for people to go, “This guy….this little guy with a teddy bear….I think we could do something with that.”

So, voting began today. I hope you’ll all vote for me. I truly do.

Who knows? Maybe this could be the moment I need to get to the next level.

Click here to vote!

OH! And you can vote up to 6 times a day!!!



  1. Voted for you 6 times and set a reminder on my phone to vote every day. I also posted on Facebook for everyone to vote for you, too. Can’t wait to get the teddy bear I ordered! It’s one of the ones made with that limited Lion Brand yarn, so I’m dying to see what it looks like! 🙂

  2. Thanks, ya’ll! Its day two and I’m just shy of 440. Thank you all sooooo SO much. I really do think this could be the moment I need to get to the next level….man, it would so nice. SO nice….and would never be possible without you. Love ya’ll!

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