Just Sit There and KNIT!

Wow, what a week. A BUSY week at that….although I don’t recall leaving my apartment too often.  At one point Kara took my boxes of bears to the post office for me and George snagged me some sandwich stuff, so all I had to do was SIT and KNIT. I figure with it being Friday, and a holiday weekend, I can get the next big batch of bears out the door Tuesday morning when the post office opens. I’d like to ride up to the supermarket with George tomorrow and grab some groceries, particularly stuff to make split pea soup. I don’t know why, but I’m craving split pea soup. Maybe its a comfort food thing. Anyhow, I can make a big batch and just pour myself a bowl all weekend so I don’t have to knit, and focus on getting more work done. I’ll make my soup, fire up my Hulu que, and just sit here and knit.

If you haven’t read my last post about the Martha Stewart American Made Award, my nomination has just a touch over a 1,000 votes by now. Which is……well, dude, I couldn’t have done that without ya’ll. From what I can gather from some of the other nominees, I think YOU AND I are pretty much at the top of the craft category. YAY! SO! Don’t forget to vote everyday. EVERYDAY!!! And you can vote up to 6 times EVERYDAY. Like I said, I really think this could be the moment I need to get to the next step. The last big step that really saved me was being Love Bombed two years back…… So, Click here to vote!

Its the end of the month, so here I am pimping my bears to get the rent covered again. Every month I sort of feel like PBS…..without all the documentaries on whales and stuff 🙂

loganYou know I LOVE getting pics of my bears. This one comes courtesy of Logan. Now THAT is a squeeze, eh? This was my stripey bear with the discontinued “Harmony” yarn. I had someone who raided their own Joann’s Fabrics and was able to send me a few more skiens, so I can make another 3!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE adopt one here!

And patterns! Don’t forget you crazy knitters out there! You can MAKE a bear of your own! Yeah! Knit yourself a cute little teddy bear with my pattern here.

OH! And I figured for the weekend I’d offer a PDF copy of “Mad Man Knitting -or- The Waiter and the Fly” for free. Yeah! Click here if you wanna read it: MadManKnitting

I just hope you toss a little something into my yarn bowl for reading it. Just click the donate button below.

photoc3So, my stripey bear, my patterns, my book…..I think I can get rent covered!

(Again, it amazes me that if everyone who read this blog chipped in $1 I’d have my expenses covered for 2 months. 2 MONTHS!!!!) Ya’ll be safe this weekend!



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