The Big Push

1157453_10201849587828337_1705609897_nStill working up a ton of bears, still trying to get rent money together… a bad way. I still have quite a few bears to adopt out to make rent.

So, just before the Labor Day weekend started I had more offers, in case you didn’t want to adopt one of my teddy bears. (But, if you DO wanna adopt one click here. I still need to get 10 more adopted to make rent).

OR! You can MAKE a bear of your own!Β  Knit yourself a cute little teddy bear with my pattern here.

I’m working on a crochet version of the pattern that should be ready in a few weeks.

And I decided I’d offer a PDF copy of “Mad Man Knitting -or- The Waiter and the Fly” for free. Yeah! Click here if you wanna read it: MadManKnitting

I just hope you toss a little something into my yarn bowl for reading it. Just click the donate button below.

So, my bears, my patterns, my book…..I think I can get rent covered!

(Again, it amazes me that if everyone who read this blog chipped in $1 I’d have my expenses covered for 2 months. 2 MONTHS!!!!)

I hope everyone had a safe holiday….and that Autumn will be here soon.

(Photo courtesy of Judy Smith πŸ™‚ This isΒ  a collection of my bears she bought that she is now donating to the children’s wing of an oncology ward).

And don’t forget to vote for me at the Martha Stewart American Made site!



  1. Okay, Gregory, I want two more bears. I need the Bear for the Ladies, since it is pink and my sister doesn’t have one of your bears yet. Also, it will be a way for us to share our love for each other as she prepares to move back to Michigan (of all places, LOL!). I would like to get one of the bears labeled a Bear for Boyhood – one of the striped ones that look really cool. Unfortunately, I can’t do any ordering until Thursday of this week. Hold on – I’ll be ordering then!

  2. Hi Gregory! I bought the book on my Kindle, loved it..just bought the original bear pattern…I’m a beginner so doubt I’m ready to attempt it..but wanted to support you.
    hugs, Tony

  3. I of course voted for you, have been every day six times each day πŸ™‚ and hopefully everyone would drop a dollar your way once a day every month. I’m going to do that when I can’t buy a pattern. That’s a small $12 dollars a year, pizza costs more and is not as good. So what do you say fellow readers? Can’t we all spare the dollar a month for our friend?
    ❀ Desmonia Darkness )O(

  4. Hi Gregory. I ordered a bear a while back for my godson for Christmas. I wondered if I placed another order for one for my niece if you could ship them together as they’re coming to the UK?

  5. I really enjoyed reading your book, thank you! I received my bear a few weeks ago and I just love him! I can’t look at him and not smile. I have given a donation, hopefully it will help out a little. Hope you have a great day and thx for the voting reminders!

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