Pics You Should Never See

Busy weekend. Obviously. I DID get to make my split pea soup….and loved it. I truly do love cooking, especially with real food. Some people think its expensive, but it really isn’t, not when you shop smart and buy fresh. A bag of split peas? $1. Garlic bulb? 25 cents. A bag of carrots? $1. A head of celery? $1.25. And with a ham steak on sale for $2.25 my split pea soup was what? $6??? And that’s three days worth of food for me. And that was perfect. With all the work I was doing this weekend I wanted something bright, nutrition, convenient to eat while I knit. So I’d take a small break, grab some soup, reheat it on the stove (I don’t have a microwave), and while it slowly simmered back up to warm I’d find something fun to watch on Hulu. My English friends will probably smile greatly when I tell them I found and fell in love with Miranda Hart. I adore her. She’s brilliant 🙂 I knit up 10 bears eating split pea soup and watching her show.

Kara spent the weekend in Savannah, and sent me an email asking me where to go, where to spend her time and I obliged with things tourists would never know about, which is always the best way to go. She came home yesterday with a shirt she had that someone online wanted to buy from her.

“Since its a small SMALL size, the buyer asked if I had a 6 foot female model that I could take pics wearing the shirt….to see what it looks like ON someone. I told them, No, I don’t….but, I do have a six foot MAN that will fit in I can take pictures of.”

photoAnd so she came over and asked me to model this crazy shirt for a girl. What the hell, I thought? I’ll have fun! And so I modeled it deliciously. Yeah…..LOL! Yeah…that’s me “modeling.”

So, then today I went to visit George so I could get out of this chair. My back was hurting, and I realized I had sat here for far too long and needed to walk about a bit. Visit. I get lonely sitting here knitting. Which is why Kara comes over as often as she does, I think. To keep me from getting lonely. So I go to George’s, we hang out, we talk, I walk around in his back yard and enjoy the plants, and play with his little dog. He snapped a pic that was BLURRY BLURRY of me playing with LUKE, his dachshund. Then I went to take a seat in a rocker just to chill and enjoy an hour or two visiting my friend.

IMG_3040Well…..He sent me the two pics after I came home and again….I nearly lost it. I can’t believe how skinny I’ve gotten, how thin I’ve become. I was shattered. Granted, I only get to eat about once a day, twice sometimes….and I saw those pics and was scared to death. You may remember the post I did a while back with the pics of Kara and I playing cribbage where my heart sank when I saw how skinny I was. In a world where everyone is so weight obsessed about OBESITY, there are people who go UNDERFED often. You don’t hear about that. You don’t hear about thin, malnourishment. Hell, in this culture of ours, it seems the poor are actually HEAVY. But, that’s not poverty. Poverty isn’t eating junk because its cheap…..poverty is not having THAT choice.

If….no, I take that back….WHEN I am finally secure, and financially solid so that Mario and I don’t worry about rent, electric and food anymore, I do plan to become a philanthropist focused on feeding the hungry in America. And I mean the REAL hungry. That homeless guy on the corner of the exit ramp holding a sign. Notice he isn’t heavy. Notice how skinny some kids come back from summer break from school…..pounds lighter, because the school breakfast and lunch was the only daily meal they had. Notice how much food in your fridge gets tossed out. Leftovers no one wanted. A lack of desire to prepare it. “I’ll just heat up a Lean Cuisine.” Notice people who open a cupboard of food and say, “There’s nothing to eat.” Notice how some people only seem to care about hungry people during the holidays. Just look around sometime and see how people treat hunger. When you have lunch with a coworker and they say, “Oh, I’m full. I can’t eat another bite. I can’t take it with me….just throw it away. I shouldn’t eat it anyway. Its full of carbs……”

All the money I get from my teddy bears goes directly towards expenses. The apartment I FINALLY got. The electric bill. The yarn I need to keep going. Postage. Mario. I decide with whats left on how I’ll eat. And I’m LUCKY. Because I know all I have to do is knit up a teddy bear and someone will grab it and I can look at that little cat and go, “DINNER! We’ve got money for dinner….” Some people aren’t so lucky.

So, that’s it. Yeah, I look terrible because I’ve lost sooo much weight throughout this. But, I’m still a very optimistic person. I know it won’t last forever. If I sell my teddy bears, work my long skinny fingers to the bone, one day I’ll have the luxury of saying, “I’m not hungry right now…..But we can do something for people who are.”

Adopt a teddy bear!

Or, if you like this blog and want to see it continue, you can always donate.



  1. I also love Miranda Hart ! She was great in Call the Midwife. Also – no one can ever appreciate hunger until they go to bed hungry and try to spread what little they have until they get a little more income. I’m in a similar boat now and have gotten real creative. Beans are the best! Heck, my single parent mom who worked 2 jobs used to make beans and potatoes all the time and we thought it was great.

    1. MY favorite is still black eyed peas, rice and collards. 🙂 No matter what may come of my dreams in life? No matter what I may accomplish I’ll always still love black eyed peas and rice.

    2. I love a UK Blog called A girl called jack, about a mum feeding her self and son on very little. It is causing a bit of a storm over here but I love it. A TV chef said poor people don’t buy decent food just get bigger tellies! No one I know who is poor has a decent telly or in many cases a telly at all. Making sure you get food every day even if once, and going hungry is poor, Thankfully I am not, yes I stand in front of my cupboards and go ‘I have nothing in’ but the sentence should finish, ‘that I fancy eating and can be bothered to make!’
      I like Miranda, but I adore spaced and black books, I dare you to find and try them both 🙂 very off the wall and very very English!
      The shirt suits you sir! very nice 🙂 hope Kara finds the right person for it. And as always give her a hug from me. and Glad to see George is getting better so well.

      1. Ok….BLACK BOOKS I LOVE!!!!! The three of them are BRILLIANT together. BRILLIANT!!! I have them downloaded on my laptop and watch them often 🙂 But, you weren’t able to see Miranda in America (not even online) until recently, (it would be blocked and say NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY!) But, I’d see her on the Graham Norton show often and think, Dude, I’d love to see her show. And once I did, I was hooked. So far I’ve only been able to see season one and two seasons of the Inbetweeners. (Love those guys. reminds me of myself in high school. Dorky, but cool in my own bad ass way).

  2. Greg….you truly are an amazing person! I admire your outlook on life, the good you do and want to do, the talent to knit adorable bears but most of all the wonderful friend you are to all. Keep up the great work and I know you will find your way to the top!

  3. You hit the nail on the head with the hunger in America! Our government is so concerned about the world they just overlook the obvious! MY own children attended school with kids who were often hungry and I know several teachers who fed many of these kids out of their own pockets! It is an absolute tragedy in this country and the only real celebrity who concern themselves over it are two of my favorite people Nick Cannon who himself was raised in poverty and Reese Witherspoon who was raised in a wealthy home. Our own president is so concerned about eating organic, he ought to practice what he preaches and perhaps STOP SMOKING, like that is healthy! Ugh! I live in an area with some of the poorest populations int he Adams 12 School DIst. and during the summer many local schools offer free breakfast and lunch. These poor kiddos are usually from homes where a parent has lost a job and rarely from a home where parents are doing drugs etc. It is a sad situation and the Oprah’s and Bill Gates of this world ought to do something about it! They certainly have the means!

    1. I know a teacher who started feeding the kids with her own money (her husband does well so they are financially able to), when she started seeing the kids rummage through the dumpster behind the cafeteria for dinner to take home. It kills you when you hear stories like that. And I DO have a hard time with the EBT card being used for potato chips. And I often cringe a bit when I hear Michelle Obama discuss how a bag of potatoes isn’t as good for you as a head of broccoli. And organic? I lost all respect when I heard someone discuss “We grow free cage organic tomatoes.”
      “Free cage?”
      “we let them sprawl naturally instead of putting them in cages and trellises.”
      “….wow. Just….wow.”

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