You, Me, Others.

Sorry I haven’t been in too much touch lately. I’ve been knitting, of course, but I’ve also been going through and sending emails to everyone that helped me out last week. Its taking some time, but I’m dead set on writing a letter to everyone thanking them. I don’t want anyone at all to feel that I’m not grateful, for I truly am. I TRULY am, and I’m desperate to let everyone know that. So, I’m spending my days knitting and writing emails.

I have an entire army, a legion of people in this world that have helped me, supported me and that believe in me. And I don’t have the luxury of taking each and every one of you in my arms and holding you saying, “THANK YOU!!!”

You’re my family. Don’t ever forget that. And please don’t take that lightly. I’m a strangely open person on paper, with words, but a crazy private person in real time. Despite all that, just know how much of my heart is filled with thoughts of all of you.

Its a bit late in the evening. Its nearly 1am. Can’t sleep, still energetic, still feel I’ve got a few hours left in me to work. But, I felt likeΒ  I wanted to remind you, and myself, of how much you mean to me. It is because of you I’m alive, you know. Because of you, there are no cracks to fall through. Because of you, I get to continue to make these teddy bears and give back in some way the joy you shower upon me. Because of you, not only is the rent paid, but the lights get to stay on, we have a huge pot of chili on the stove, and fresh peaches to enjoy. Because of you, I got to splurge and buy Mario a new cat box. Our last one was….wow. Well, I wouldn’t call it a cat box, but a makeshift cardboard bin wrapped in plastic and filled with litter. Mario is a trooper, and she used it anyway. Never once wavering.

Because of you I get closer and closer every day to a dream of philanthropy. I get closer and closer to helping in ways you’ve helped me. I told Kara just the other day, “I need to do more. I NEED to.”

“I gave a dollar at the checkout to help buy groceries for the homeless.”

“No. I need to do it face to face…..I need to see it. I need to remember it. EVERY DAY. I don’t want to ever go back there, I don’t want to ever go through that again. And I wanna do whatever I can to make sure no one has to go through it either….No one should go hungry. I need to do it face to face.”

Ok. Its getting late and I need to get some work done. I got a ton of bears to get out and a tome to finish up.Β  I just wanted to take a break and let you know I was thinking about you. I’m always thinking about you….and you often remind me not to, but to think of others instead.

You’re going to see some changes here in the next couple of days. Really good changes. We’re going to start moving to the next level.

We? Of course. You and I, together…..



  1. I love you and think of you always as the brother I’ve never hugged yet πŸ˜€ and I want to help in every way possible! Be it telling everyone I know to buy your bears, or making sure I give you no less than $12 a year, I need you to know I’m one of the many that will be here for you and Mario! Hugs from afar πŸ™‚ be well and blessed

  2. So glad to hear good news, and pleased for Mario, cats deserve as much love as humans πŸ™‚ Through your blog and other contacts as well as your writing I feel I know you so well, I like the idea of a brother I haven’t hugged yet, and I can’t wait for my bears to get here! I know that I am a long way away but through the internet, we seem closer together. I hope you find your giving back project, growing food or delivering, we have food banks in the UK (never thought it would get there but it has) and helping somewhere like that may be what your looking for, time and money always needed. But remember like any good sister I worry about your health too so keep well and love to Kara too.

  3. Wow – I have a new brudda! Welcome to my family! Even though you are far away, and we probably will never meet, I eagerly wait to hear from you through your blog each day. Thank you for keeping in touch. Thank you for the blessings you give through your bears. Thank you for being you! Love to you, George, Kara and Mario!

    1. LOL! I couldn’t help call myself your bruthah from flo’da. πŸ™‚ And George and Kara are gonna be in some serious trouble if we don’t play croquet soon. I can get really cranky when I don’t get my croquet fix.

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