She’s Foxy

il_570xN.251712229So, I write an awful lot about my life and the people in it. And there aren’t many, so you hear their names often. Kara, George, Peni (RIP sweetheart).

Now, I see Kara just about every day. Mostly every day. We usually don’t see each other on the weekends, for she spends the time with her “partner” of the last 20 years (whose name is ironically Greg….another reason why I go by Gregory. Cuts out confusion).

Anyway, Kara and I have known each other for 13 years now. I was working as a server (see my latest book) at a smaller, bar and sandwich version of Fridays downtown, when in walked a woman, a new hire, who did one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen anyone do ever in my professional and social life. I walked in, she saw me, outstretched her hand with a smile and said, “Hi. I’m Kara. Very nice to meet you.” I knew from that moment that she was not only well mannered, but confident, focused and genuine. She didn’t wait to be found, she found you. She wasn’t the sort to say, “no one came up to talk to me,” she was the sort that approached everyone.

We became instant friends and have remained so for the last decade and a few years more. And as a matter of fact, our friendship has grown stronger in those years. Both of us dealing with challenges and hardships….and giving each other the most that we could, even if it was only friendship, support.

il_570xN.251669420Kara has an impeccable high for high fashion. Yeah, its like a drug for her. A rush. We’ll be somewhere and she’ll say, “oh….wow….do you have any idea what this is?????” And I’ll boldly stare and say, “uhhhh. Ferstenberg!”

“No! Its a Lily Pulizer!”

You know me, I’m jeans and t-shirts, ball cap and boots, with the occasional plaid shirt when the weather cools. (and I have a great selection of Ben Sherman shirts in plaid thanks to Kara).




il_570xN.436192533_iyn6So, I thought I’d share with you my best friends awesome, amazing, BRILLIANT collection of vintage clothing she’s found on her many travels across the country. She finds amazing pieces that people don’t realize, or even think to consider art. But, she’s good at that. She sees the value in art that some people can dismiss. Which may be why we’ve been friends for so long. She saw the artistry, the value in me, years ago when no one else did.





il_570xN.435566193_av0bSo, if you’re in the mood to feel classic, chic, and genuine. Check out her shop. Its rather grand walking into a party wearing something you can be assured NO ONE else there owns. And there is a reason these pieces last as long as they do. Why after 30 to 40 years they still get sought after……because they’re really that good.

She’s offered all of ya’ll a 10% discount if you enter GREGORY in the coupon code option. And that’s important, its case sensative. GREGORY, all caps.

I’ve always been in awe of her collection. Its an homage to the dear held truth that many of us hold close: beauty is timeless. And I had to share it with you. I mean, I had to. I think had she a nice looking building with a security guard and a bad cafeteria, it would be a museum.

il_570xN.453836385_pqtrHere’s to my best friend rescuing pieces other people think old, but she finds art.

Check out her shop here.

And don’t forget. 10% off if you type in GREGORY in the coupon code.

But, more than all this? Kara is the one, 13 years ago, who taught me about taking care of people. She’s the one who volunteered at soup kitchens, homeless shelters, handing coupon vouchers for free food to the guys on the side of the road. She’s the one who taught me about the different organizations in town who help and how. And who knew? Who knew 13 years later, I’d be the guy in need of that…

….and at some point VERY soon, I’ll be able to do the same. I’ll be able to help a starving man go to bed with a full belly….and hope.

We all do what we can in whatever fashion we can. And this is her way of helping.




  1. She appears to be a very stylish lady, and one with a heart of gold on top of that. You’re very fortunate indeed to have her as your friend.

  2. Oh what a nice shop! I love her style, sadly I have pieces that are 30 years old and going strong but I bought them the first time round! I love some of the scarves, why did you not show me this before my birthday when I could get away with it 😦 Daughter raided my wardrobe and went of with my 80’s dresses! mind you I was a plunging top style while she is more a short skirt girl! so I expect to see them hitched up with an under shirt! So nice to meet Kara properly and well done sorting nay things into wardrobes, my hubby wears what I buy him as I bring it home wash it then mix it in to his! may take months before he notices its not is normal things 😀 sadly both sons have no clothes awareness and I bye them everything!
    So glad you have her and Mario and George in your life, and no one is gone as long as you remember them. Happy knitting

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