Sick Girl Searching

Apparently, Kara’s caught her a cold. Nothing serious. One of those little bugs that catches you off guard. Sniffle, sneeze, wheeze….but, no worries. While she recovers on her couch she took to looking up how well I was doing in the Martha Stewart American Made Audience Choice Awards.

Now, you can imagine how elated I’ve felt watching the votes break 3,000…YAY! But, then I talked to Kara, who informed me on her search that I was way behind. How far behind? Well, in the craft category, the top votes are in a range between 20,000 and 30,000. Yeah. But, the good news is there are only 2 or 3 of them. Then you drop down a few votes, down to about 20 slots and there I am.

If all of my follows were to vote, I’d be able to get to the top. I could! 3,000 followers, all allowed to vote 6 times at once, would yield me 18,000 more votes. 18,000! And yes, I YEARN to get the BIG prize of $10,000, but even getting into the top 6 slots gets me a spread in the magazine. And I could use that. I mean, I could USE that so much. Fellas that knit don’t get the sort of credit ladies do. That’s just a fact. But, even more so, the idea that we’ve all been pursuing this whole time is that when life hands you lemons, you throw them aside and knit teddy bears.

So, go vote!!! You get to vote 6 times a day. Takes all of 30 seconds to go click click click click click…..DONE!


Click here to vote!



  1. I voted for ya, Sweetie. You are the GREATEST. I keep forgetting to vote every day. I guess I need a daily reminder email. hehe Seriously though, I wish you the BEST EVER!!! You deserve it. I noticed that you are up to 3,300 now!! Woooooo Whooooo!!! Luv ya!

    1. I have only missed the odd day when ill myself so far, and in your category there is mainly one ahead of you πŸ™‚ and they make boxes form what I see (I may have missed some as my home computer has had a melt down and is not working well) and they are only a few ahead. The food section is so over achieving! but we don’t need to compete with ‘them’ πŸ™‚ I do hope you get a mention and of course the 10k would be fab! (fingers crossed) I also share it after voting every few days πŸ™‚ and ask for more votes!!!!! so fingers crossed and keep up the fab knitting. Get well soon Kara.

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