I’ll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours.

photoc4I’ve been wanting to take more pics of my bears, bust since I don’t have a camera, I was wondering if I could enlist YOU. I was hoping you could send me pictures of your bears in any form of fashion you like. I’d like to add them to my gallery page. So, email them to me at madmanknitting@gmail.com

OH! And if you could have a bear in ANY color whatsoever, what would it be? I mean, to add a new bear to my little clan, I was wondering what color you’d like to see him in? Or maybe more stripey ones? Leave a comment and let me know!

Oh, and the shop is back open! Come on in!



  1. That’s a great idea!
    If i could have a bear, the first colour that popped into my mind was forest green. But I’d also love a multi-colour bear. A pink arm, a blue leg, and purple face, light blue ear etc. etc.
    I look forward to seeing more pics of your bears in their new homes, doin’ their thing!

  2. I like the stripey bears very much because they look so different. Thinking from the perspective of people who might want to buy these for babies or children though, I’m sure light blue or light pink would be very popular, as well as lilac, yellow or mint green, when you’re going to a baby shower but no one knows if the baby is a boy or a girl yet.

    1. well…I think a bear made out of nice autumn colors would be nice. browns, beiges, golds. but like the above mentioned posts, I would like it in segmented colors. a little button sewed in for a belly button would be cute too ! dang…I wish I could knit as well as you Gregory. I am afraid of dpn’s. lol.

  3. I like the idea of pastel bears for baby gifts. How about a bear in pastel team colors, for parents who want their little one to show their school loyalty, like pale blue and peach for University of Florida? (Of course, you could use the regular dark blue and orange, too.) Just a thought. . .

  4. I guess it would be lite pink to sit on my bed. But I love brown bears and stripey bears and a yellow bear. My bear is almost done and I love him.

  5. I think you should make a pink bear for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I also bet a pink or blue bear would make a nice gift for a new baby. Might increase sales.

  6. Because of you, I want to knit another bear. Didn’t make one this year… U_U
    Maybe a little brown, because my other is red, black n white, lime / white, yellow n blue and… also a pink!

  7. A blue bear. Hang in there, we’ve been homeless as a family and after 7 years we bounced back. Having Faith in God helps. Now my oldest daughter is going to a top college on an almost total grant (and getting A’s) and my son (a Senior at High School) is looking at college for Engineering. It’s a far cry from being in a State Park in Seattle in the rain, in a tent with 3 kids a dog & cat. Having Hope and knowing God, even in THIS, has a purpose. Thankfully now I’m inside and dry and my husband has a job. The help of others was amazing. The Head Park Ranger took us under his wings, another couple practically gave us an RV (with the little bit of $ we had) and a pair of guys from a catholic church always made sure we had food. WE lived & worked in the park for a year before we finally went back home. My daughter when applying to colleges wrote about the year we were homeless. She went from an average student to the top of her class and willed herself to stay there with lots of hard work. She wait listed for Harvard, but got into Middlebury. Next year she’s going to Oxford for a term, the college will send her grant over. I don’t think this would of happened if not for that year, it reorganizes your priorities. Have hope. Never give up. Keep smiling. I love your bears & hope to get one, maybe in the new year:)

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