This Post Will Hurt

Its going to either hurt you, or me.  More than likely, it will hurt me, but I have got to get some things off my chest that are demanding attention. And when you’re always at the verge of financial collapse, what difference would it make? I’ll risk everything to defend myself, and the many of you that have kept me from falling through the cracks.

I’m quite upset today. I am. I have been on the beating end of a stick for an awfully long time, and at some point you just have to stand up and say, “Enough….”


My heart dropped today. I got a dispute against me on paypal. And then another….and then another….and then another. And I watched my account drop quickly into negative. NEGATIVE

Now, apparently someone was upset that I didn’t respond on facebook to their emails and decided to make it their duty to tell all of their friends to ask for their money back.

I don’t live in this world where facebook is  a place I spend my time. I am WORKING. I’m sitting here 16 hours a day knitting  up a storm and I usually don’t get this angry. But, I have to remember that this society really DOES rest on updates on facebook or twitter feeds. Let me tell you how my day works. I wake, make coffee, fire up the laptop and sit here for HOURS, not two or three, but ALL DAMN DAY AND NIGHT knitting and staring at my email. When a message comes through I respond right then, right there. My email is quite easy:

…and its posted EVERYWHERE.

Its listed on my shop if you need to contact me, its here on my blog if you should want  to get in touch with me, as well.

I’m just so angry because I don’t think its fair. I push hard to knit these teddy bears up. I bust my scrawny little ass EVERY DAY to get them out the door and I LOVE each and every minute of it. After having knit up 1500 bears and sent them out, it sends me into a tail spin if 10 people becomes so angry for not getting attention that they deplete my account and leave me broke.

Dammit. I’m not supposed to talk like this, I’m not supposed to WRITE like this. I’m supposed to remember that these are good intentions and my followers are my friends and we have all good intentions behind these teddy bears…but, I actually blocked someone after I went to facebook and after one week of her not getting her bear she was spending the entire afternoon posting again and again and again how much of a scammer I was, how I wasn’t really sending teddy bears out to people, that I was just collecting the money and screwing people over.

AND THAT is why my attitude changed.

I’m not sure if some people think this is a joke, or what, but this is my life. This is serious. This is me clinging to the edge and being lifted daily by good people who feel as I do: that the world works BEST when you put your heart to work. Being called a scammer, a schemer, a FRAUD? That pisses me off to no end.

So, 1500 bears knit and delivered and 10 people manage to take all of my hard work and shit on it, make me broke again, and impede the income that I have.

I won’t tolerate it. I won’t. I know I am delayed in some orders, and I apologize, but more than anything, MOST of my orders are going out on time. And if they aren’t, I assure you, they will be there any day now.

But, if you wanna trash talk me? No, you have to go. I’m not going to have that around here. I’ll spend my time on facebook deleting  and blocking …..AND THATS NOT WHAT WE DO!!!! WE don’t. NO NO NO, we don’t!

If you follow this blog, then I know you’re a good hearted, kind measured person who wants to accomplish the same things I do. Smack back that bullshit nastiness that exists in the world and reach towards something better….something more HUMAN…..and all found in a simple teddy bear. Our humanness found in a teddy bear. So, getting to that point where I spend my time pushing back bad behavior is NOT where we belong.

I’m sorry, but I’m angry today. Someone can dig deep into me and I’ll take it, I’ll work with it. I’ve been through my crap than you can imagine and I can handle it. But, don’t EVER accuse my followers of being “duped,” or “stupid.” Trust me, the great people who have come to my rescue I’d gladly go homeless for again to defend them. I’d rail against you in a HEARTBEAT if you should ever again hurt, harm, or make horrid mention of the people that saved my life. I won’t tolerate that. They’re good natured to mind, so I mind for them. The people who have rescued me and read of my life and send me the best of energy won’t get as angry as I will if you hurt them….but, I promise: on their behalf? I’ll go to angry places you never want to see.

If you EVER need to get in touch with me EMAIL ME! Its that simple! Don’t message me on Facebook, don’t send me a tweet, EMAIL ME! I’m here! ALL DAY! ALL NIGHT! RIGHT HERE!!! RIGHT NOW!!!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to work. I need to get back to knitting. I have some teddy bears to make.







  1. Good for you saying it as it is Gregory..! You needed to vent this and let people know that, Yes, you are working and getting orders out there and not sitting on FB chatting it up… I respect you and adore my little bear that I ordered and will continue to order from you..! Hugs and Stand Tall..! ~Lynie with Bring In Light~

  2. It never ceases to amaze me…the lengths that miserable people will go to, to bring good people down to their level. But I ask you to “Rise above,” Gregory. Stay true to yourself and the people who care about you. Good deeds will always be rewarded. As for the petty, silly, vindictive fools – they will also be paid back for their actions. Karma, baby…Karma! Keep up the good work!

  3. Gregory ,
    I’m saddened to hear about people mistreating and accusing you unfairly. just know there are many of us who care and support your work . unfortunately there are too many people like those (10) in this world who think the worse of others rather than try to communicate and get the truth.
    sending you lots of positive energy and hugs , and I hope things get better soon.

  4. there are some truly horrid people out there, and sometimes it seems unfair that they have the power to do things like they did to you. i’m so sorry, but i am glad that you stood up to them via this post. shame on them.

    i hope that you’re able to get this behind you fast, as it’s not easy to create when there’s a personal conflict affecting you…. sending you strong positive vibes.


  5. Stay strong. Do not let 10 people have space in your life. I bought your book. I admire your story. I have taken care of my family in the worst of times by selling my crochet work. I bought your teddy pattern and hope to finish him soon. I also hope to purchase one made by you. Love and best wishes.

  6. It’s like I said earlier in an email to you, since someone stole the bear you made for my sis-in-law who’s in a care center – it’s a horrid, wretched world we live in when someone has to steal to get something, while hurting someone else. I’m here for you, bro!

  7. Yes – sometimes you DO have to speak up and say NO MORE! Ignore those cowards, and have faith that the good will outweigh the bad – and that you’ll be able to pay the bills. ♥

  8. Why is this world so hate filled and nasty? I see scammers and thieves, robbers and evil all around me. In this entitlement society, it’s refreshing to see someone dig themselves out of the trenches and work for what they need instead of relying on everyone else to support them.
    Your story tells itself and obviously whomever is harassing you is broken and angry inside. That’s a reflection on them, not you.
    Delete. Block. And move on. You know that somehow or other, things always work out. Keep your chin up and knit good vibes and positive energy into everyone of those little bears. Send them to their homes knowing that all that good karma will come back to you and every little thing is gonna be alright.
    We love our little bear and others love theirs. You make us smile. Keep it up.

  9. Hey folks! Gregory has a Paypal account where you can donate whether you need a bear or not. Sounds like he needs some help making up for this deficit. If you can, why not donate the amount of a bear to help him out? I just did. It’s easy!

  10. Greg,

    I am so sorry you are having to endure this. I will happily tell everyone here and I do tell friends and family every day how much we love our bear from you. My son loves him and won’t go to bed without his “baby”, that’s what he calls him. I am actually going to be placing an order shortly for my niece. You make wonderful little stuffed friends and though he was a few days later than expected in the mail I trusted you and knew he would be here. Again my heart goes out to you and I hope people see this and all the other positive comments you have to know you are a good person trying to make and honest dollar. *Hugs*

  11. Gregory…..I am SO SORRY THESE PEOPLE have done this!!! I am SURE they are people that have NO IDEA what it takes to knit ANYTHING!!! You took about 3 months to knit my first bear and you answered my e-mails and posts on FB when I questioned you about when you thought it would be here. It never bothered me because I KNOW what it is like to KNIT and if you are VERY POPULAR it can take awhile to get things done! Don’t worry we will order MORE from you and I will spread the word again to my friends!!!

    You may want to put a disclaimer on your web-site when someone orders something that you can’t guarantee it to be done by a certain time…..and maybe if they REALLY NEED it for something Special you can charge them EXTRA to drop everyone else’s orders and do theirs!!!

    Give this all up to God and your true followers will continue to be good customers!!!
    I will keep you in my prayers!

    1. I think this is a really good idea. Put up a disclaimer stating that the bear make take 4 to 6 weeks to complete and if someone does request a special order bear for a special event, gift, holiday, etc., charge $50+ for that bear so you can afford to drop everything to get it done. HUGS & LOVE

  12. It might save you some grief, Greg, if upon receiving an order you replied with a time frame and a reminder that you’re one person knocking out these bears, just YOU. As I said once before…your workmanship is top notch and quality takes time. If people want a bear they’ll be happy to wait for it. This too shall pass and we’re all behind you 100%!

  13. Greg,
    So sorry you are having to endure this, but know that it will only make your supporters work harder for you!! My son loves the bear I ordered from you back in August!! He won’t sleep without it and he insists his “baby” comes. with him everywhere. I’ve actually been perusing your shop hoping you’ll having just the right bear for my niece for Christmas.
    Being a yarn crafter I know that these little loves take time and when I wondered when my bear would be in simply asked the question and you were indeed very quick to answer and he was in the mail only a day or two later.
    My heart goes out to you! *Hugs*
    Thank you again for the beautiful bear!! And if you plan on making any of those amazing bunnys I saw on your pintrest pages my daughter would be most appreciative!!

  14. I am so sorry that you had to go through this. The meanness of one person sometimes can throw us in such a tailspin. As I crafter myself I know that things take time if you want them to be done right. When I ordered your teddy bear pattern I received it right away. Delays happen, people need to be patient and courteous. There is never a need for name calling, rudeness or nastiness. I would have loved to order one of your bears but sadly I am in a financial predicament at the moment. So I decided to spend a little money on some yarn and knit a scarf for my youngest and my mother in law for Christmas. It makes me feel good to know that I put my love into the items I knit or crochet. I pray that you don’t get discouraged by mean people like those that have caused you such pain and anger. You have so many people that care for you and love those wonderful bears you create. *hugs* wishing you all the best for your future.

  15. We have a very impatient society these days. We want instant results to everything. We want WHAT we want, WHEN we want it – we are ENTITLED to it, and nobody else matters but “ME!” This is the type of person that did this to you, and those of us who are not buying into these beliefs must do what we can to not let this type of behavior to be perpetuated. Social media is great for positive and caring venues like this blog, but there are those who are so totally connected to technology that they are disconnected from humanity, and they don’t realize what their vindictive actions can truly do to another person. Surely this negative action against you takes energy away from your productivity. I hope the positive energy of those of us who support you will outweigh the negative energy of this person. Hang in there!

  16. Gregory….I am SO sorry to hear about this awful experience! There are too many impatient, disrespectful people in this world. Do NOT let this get you down. I LOVE my little Figaro and he was well worth the wait. I don’t understand why these people did not E-MAIL you….I would not be able to keep up with responding to facebook, twitter, etc. I use e-mail just as I would snail mail! Keep doing what you’re doing and know that what goes around comes around and they will get theirs someday. Hugs to you and Mario!

  17. I agree whole heartedly with all the above comments. every bear I have ordered from you has been top notch quality..the knitting, the whole 9 yards. and knitting takes forever. just keep doing what you do Gregory. your bears bring so much love and smiles into the world. you know my lil’ hickerbilly redneck bear family. lol. Earl, Bubba, Vern, and Bobbie Joe…they are all well loved and your workmanship, ( as a fellow knitter ) is beyond excellent. you pay tremendous detail to each minute item in the process. So please forgive me other bloggers. Just forget those A- holes and let their
    drama and evilness be absorbed by them. you keep doing what you do. I will keep you in my prayers. (((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))) keep knitting !!!! sincerely, Tim

  18. Keep knitting & praying. I’m sending positive thoughts, good vibes and hope that some people will donate to help you defray the money lost because of (10) idiots. I love, love, love my bear that you knit for me. He has a very proud spot on my bookcase in my office where he can look around the room and I can grab him if I need some love when I’m not having a good day. HUGS & LOVE, Gregory!!

  19. This just pretty much makes me sick. Isn’t there some way they can be shown that they have made a terrible mistake and correct it so you can get the money due you? I don’t pretend to understand how these things happen, but I pray there is some way to fix it. I LOVE my bear, you can just feel the care you took in making him. The workmanship is nothing less than outstanding. These people are WAY WRONG. All of us here know it. Now, I will go and spread the word…that is one way we can counteract the lies that were told. I wish the best for you.

  20. While I have not purchased a bear, I did purchase the pattern for the desire when you offered it, so I know the effort that goes forth in making them! I also love your blog with your insights. You are a treasure in your own right. Do not allow these miscreants to cause you to falter, for you are cared forgetting. Please continue on! Your bears will be purchased and loved by many yet to come.

  21. That is so messed up. You have every right to be pissed, heck I’m pissed just reading about it. I ordered a teddy from you for my Mom last Christmas, and I received it, and she loved it. No scam, just an awesome bear that she hugged while going through chemo. I couldn’t be there for her the whole time, but your bear was, and I’m in your debt for that. So when people insult your work it makes me angry. What you do you do with love, and it shows in each and every stitch.

  22. I also had to remind Gregory about my bear, cause my order was somehow overlooked, but hey, things like this happens – especially when you are one-man-enterprise. If I had more cash I would’ve order another bear, and maybe some more for my fiends becaues I know that the are worth the price and the time. However there are two things that I find crucial to minimize the number of upset customers. And they are really easy to implement, Gregory, so please do so 🙂

    FIRSTLY: put an info on facebook in “about” section which is visible for everyone and all the time: “questions about orders are dealt with ONLY by email madman…. do not ask questions on FBpage!” (or smthng like that). It must be visible all the time – it’s not for your regular customers you know 😉

    SECONDLY: Maybe it’s worth to ask customers to confirm their orders by sending you short info with payment details right to your email. Just add info in your shop about this and strenghten that it is necessary to send you an email after making a payment! It’s the most important thing to do ever! Really! 🙂 This way you would also be able to control your orders and payments.

    Best Regards

  23. So sorry you have had to deal with that. Speaking the truth is nothing to apologize for! And the bears…you don’t just mass produce them — you create and love each one of them. Can anyone who trashed you say that they do something like that? I’m guessing — no. Keep the faith.

  24. Hang in there! Having a small business can be challenging at times. I’ve had my share of haters, and I know of others who have dealt with the same. Just keep swimming!!

  25. I buy and sell on-line and had to register a dispute on a purchase through Paypal. If the seller had only contacted me – first before the dispute I sent them two or three emails – second after the dispute when they were sent an email by Paypal I would not have disputed the transaction. None of the emails were answered by the seller so I got my money back. I suggest that you respond to the Paypal dispute with full explanation about when the bears would be shipped and explain the reason they have not been mailed yet. Sometimes people just want to have a little communication with the seller, know they are not forgotten.

    It is sad this happened but honestly I think you can resolve the issue with an email and get the money back into your account.

    Good luck – I am with you all the way.

  26. Gregory, First off, big hugs to you! I was so glad to meet you in person. Didn’t this person or persons realize that you are one person putting your heart into each of these bears individually and knitting them yourself. You are not a machine that is assembly line that can crank them out instantaneously. I don’t blame you for venting. Shame on them! Take care, Cindi

  27. I just started reading your blog and all I can say is…A WEEK??

    Tell the woman to pick up some needles and try her hand at knitting if she thinks she should have her product that quickly! That’s ridiculous! I swear some people exist just to test our limits – good for you for blocking her, because no one needs that kind of negativity in their life!

  28. I just readv this post and was appalled and saddened that someone would do this. A week? Really? Knitting takes time. I’ve been doing it since I was 9 (nearly 17 years), and while time and experience can speed some things up, it doesn’t mean that you’re physically able to make it go faster. If this vindictive, awful woman wants a bear, she can go on Craftsy and buy the pattern and see how much time, effort, and love goes into making these guys. I bought both your bear and bunny patterns this past weekend and am so excited to get started. But more than that, I wanted to get your story out and hopefully rustle up some business for you, so I also went ahead and told everyone I know to buy a bear from you (Facebook, my own wordpress, Twitter). Good will prevail and that money *will* come back, plus more.

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