Cozy With Beans

DSC_1215So, I won’t be able to do a limited edition Christmas Bear this year. Time simply won’t allow it. But, that’s perfectly fine. TOTALLY fine. But if you’re a knitter and would like to knit up one of your own, here’s the pattern. He’s downright adorable, I think, with his cute little hat and scarf. And like I mentioned before, one skein of Lionbrand’s Fisherman’s Wool is enough to make 3 teddy bears, so its a rather economical and practical pattern.

Its going to be a long weekend of knitting up teddy bears on my end. I didn’t realize Monday was a holiday (Columbus Day), so that’s one extra day to bust out some teddy bears before the post office reopens.

So, I’ve got a rather simple weekend planned. To begin with, autumn is slowly beginning to wind its way down here to Florida…..well, OUR version of autumn. So, its still 85, but the humidity is pretty much gone, and the temperature drops to the 60’s at night. The air changes from sticky and wet to crisp and clean. Its a great time of year here. People are finally walking about, little festivals and fairs are going on (Last weekend was the Festival of Bacon!). We start dining outside again, riding bikes again, opening windows.

I, however, will not be attending any festival or fair, or biking anywhere. I’ll be right here knitting my teddy bears, making a big pot of black eyed peas and rice, and watching “I, Claudius.” I’ve been wanting to see the BBC production from the 1970’s for such a long while and BOOM! Some put up the whole miniseries on youtube, the whole 12 hours. I’m so looking forward to it. I’ve read the book and seen clips of the television version and I’ve wanted to see it for so long. So, that’ll be my weekend, knitting with a cool breeze, a pot full of beans, and a miniseries about Roman treachery. Sounds fun, don’t it???? 🙂

And this is the last day I’m offering the bear I met along the way.

So get him while you can!



  1. We are getting to minus nights and ice covered cars to get running in the mornings! glad you have a chance to see the jacobi production, I remember seeing it when at school in literature class and being mesmerized. Glad the weather is turning nice for you and you are all set for your knitathon 🙂 I would love a green bear but can’t at the moment, I shall keep an eye out when I can for a bear next month 🙂 hope you got the nutters sorted and out of your life! have a peaceful weekend and love to George, Kara and Mario.

  2. I can’t believe we like all the same TV ! That was a great series. I just watched Derek Jacobi in The Last Tango in Halifax. That was GREAT ! Looking forward to the next season.

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