It’s Me and Mr. Bean, Ya’ll.

mr-bean-bear-collageSo, a few weeks back I was approached by this delightful young lady who asked me if I wouldn’t mind doing an interview for her blog. Its a very simple premise, but unique. TRULY unique. She finds patterns, works them up and writes about the experience, the author of the pattern and her feelings on the finished piece. I thought, “Sure! Sounds fun!” She sent me some interesting questions that I had never even THOUGHT of answering. But, I tell ya, I had the best time. I thoroughly enjoyed answering her questions and thinking deeply about what I wanted to say about my little teddy bears. Today, Lorna Watt sent me the link to the interview on her blog and I just died with laughter. Her whole desire for Mr. Bean’s little bear (you remember Mr. Bean, don’t you????), combined with my little teddy bear pattern made for a great mix, and a wonderful article. I was honored to be grouped in some interesting way with Rowan Atkinson. I urge you to read the article and interview here. And I’ve been naturally PUSHING my teddy bear pattern like CRAZY over the last week because I want any knitter who wants to have a teddy bear to make one of their own. And then send me the pics! I love seeing what your bears look like when they’re done. And speaking of! I’ve added tons of pics to my gallery page. So, be sure to check those out to. Some of your bears are in there, mixed with a few of my own that were adopted into new homes. (My favorite pics? Watching the bears I made for people beings SQUEEZED to death. I love those). And over the last few blogs I’ve gotten some really kind comments about my writing, its poignancy, and its appeal. And I truly appreciate that. I fancy this is the best expression I have, these words and I. But, if you want to help keep this blog alive, if you enjoy my writing and want to support it, you can always throw a few dollars in my yarn bowl. It helps to pay the monthly bill to keep it up (the internet company), and helps to take care of supplies (yarn, boxes, the electric bill, the rent…..and the occasional boiled peanuts). Oh! and if you need some help with the pattern, write to me! OR! There are some tutorial videos to help shape the face and things like that in my VIDEO section. So! Check out Lorna’s really great article, snag a pattern and get to work on your teddy bears while I’m over here working up mine, or toss a few into the yarn fund. There’s only a few more weeks to order a teddy bear for Christmas. So get one now! Keep me working and employed! Have an awesome walk through an autumn breeze and keep those pics coming!


  1. Congrats Gregory….but I think she was truly blessed to get to interview YOU and hear your story!!! Hope it made you feel good and gets more bears out there 🙂 !

  2. Hi Gregory! I’m so happy that you decided to release the pattern for your teddy bear! Now I can try and make my own! Would it be possible to make the bears using magic loop? Dpn’s scare the crap out of me because I’m not really good with knitting with them! I’m so happy that someone wanted to do a blog post about you! I would also be very interested in doing an interview with you for, if you would want to do that also! Let me know if that would be possible! My email address is Looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂

  3. I found the wool for making a bear this evening! and I have my DPNs and your pattern, now all I need is time to make him 🙂 so roll on xmas 😉
    I love the other blog, I have also made Mr Beans Bear! well two actually, one for a friend who was a massive fan and once for a group of kids as a fundraiser, guess the bears birthday! I picked a date sealed it in an envelope and gave it to the Head master, the kids then had a small diary and sold the dates, 🙂 forget who ended up with him but much fun was had by all. Link to that page for me made this one!
    and a few notes to your yarn fund 🙂

  4. Yay!! Thanks so much for releasing the pattern! I just bought it, and while I’m much more comfortable crocheting, I have some talented knitting friends who I’m sure will help me work through the pattern. Can’t wait!

  5. Love your bears. I can’t wait to buy your patten…… And I will. But I am drawn to monkeys, any chance you have a monkey pattern in the works

  6. Just found your blog today through a friend’s post on FB and bought your pattern. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog – your writing has a really powerful voice. Thanks for a little bit of teddy bear in my future. 🙂

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