Two Half Days Equals Friendsgiving

IMG_0086 IMG_0003 IMG_0013 IMG_0018 IMG_0019 IMG_0020   IMG_0092 IMG_0109Sorry I haven’t blogged more than I have lately, but at this time of year there really isn’t much to report. Wake, knit, sleep, eat, knit. Christmas is coming and I have tons and I do mean TONS of bears to knit up before then. So, there isn’t too much to say. “Hey, ya’ll….I’m knitting. KNITTING…..WORKING.”

I went a full week without shaving. Its a system I have. If it doesn’t involve me working up teddy bears, then it doesn’t belong. I wake and I work. And I love it.

So, there hasn’t been too much to write about in this strange little life of mine…..until I decided to take two half days off. I can’t take a full day off, so I decided to take two half days. And what would I do? As many of you know, those that have read this blog from the beginning, I am an avid lover of croquet. I play it every chance I get. And THAT is how I decided to spend my two half days. I played croquet with those closest to me. Kara, George (recuperating from knee surgery in the corner), and my very special friend Butch who ended up beating me at every game. DAMN! I TAUGHT them all to play! What the hell??? But, I do so enjoy it, so who cares who wins? We had two wonderful half days of croquet, fried chicken, coleslaw, a couple of beers and laughter. I couldn’t have asked for better downtime. Oh sure. There were disputes, there were feelings hurt! Its not a REAL game of croquet until it becomes vicious. OH look at Kara so PLEASED she destroyed me in that shot….. I can’t help but think of the “Knight Rider” theme song while I’m playing croquet….Nope. I take that back. Depeche Mode’s “Never Let Me Down Again.” (“See the stars? They’re shining bright. Everything’s alright tonight….”)

I love playing with George’s little dog, Luke. That little dog has kept that old man safe and sound, much like Mario does for me. And I love this picture of her peeking out the window. She’s happy, content, interested.

I guess that’s all I can say right now. I’m working hard knitting teddy bears and doing my damndest to have them all out by Christmas. And if given downtime, I’m beyond thankful that I’m now at a place in my life where I can spend two half days playing croquet and being ridiculous with the people I love.

You see? Little things in life can be grand….They can energize and inspire.

To the the three friends I have at my hugging reach, and to the 6,000 that have virtually conquered my heart, never forget I love you.

Gotta run. Got teddy bears to make.

(Oh! and PS! I’m up to 132 pounds! NICE!!!)



  1. Thank you for reminding me that the holiday season is NOT just about family. It is about being with those that you love and that love you back. Thank you…….

  2. Always glad to hear from ya! I know what you mean ’bout the season. Glad you’re doing so well. Well, got to run, Christmas is coming! Have a great Christmas.

  3. Wow, trying to get all that knitting done by xmas, good luck. I’m glad you took time off to play some croquet and be with friends. Cause that IS what it’s about. Don’t get burned out, cause it seems like you love knitting your bears. happy holidays

  4. Glad to hear form you, I was hoping the silence was due to busy and not problem 🙂 such a sweet pic of Mario, and a wonderful break for you 🙂 I have spent my day looking for my lost cat, same one who goes off missing but never over night and we haven’t seen her since yesterday morning! my neighbors are very tolerant of my knocking and asking and it has become the only time i get to chat to some of my neighbors! 😀 which is sad, but working full time and more out of time means little time to stand and chat and with only 3 hours of daylight you don’t want to stand in the cold and dark!
    You are looking well and happy and its good to see 😀 and to see George recovering well, I love his wee dog Luke, my friend has one very similar called Fenris! big name for such a small dog. Best wishes to Kara and Butch as well and have a wonderful Christmas.

  5. So good to hear from you! In this time in our lives it’s very important to realize who we are and learn to be content with our lot in life. To realize we have what we need and to stop reaching for more is tremendous. You have made me remember things I have long forgotten. Thank you….

  6. I am glad you had a wonderful time with your friends. Family is about who you love and loves you in return. God Bless you

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