Mario Luvin’

It’s a bit late on my end. About midnight 30. I’ve got a long weekend ahead that I’m looking forward to. Tons of bears to work up. So, I’ve got a huge pot of vegetable soup on the stove and a full can of coffee. Did a lot of work today, but come tomorrow morning, there is nothing that should keep me from my needles. From here until Monday morning, it’ll be my own little knit-a-thon. I got everything I need. Yarn, a movie to watch, some good for you food rolling in a simmer on the stove, a serious idea about ambition, and a cat who wants to be as involved as possible.

I’m lucky, you know. This little buddy of mine has been around since the beginning. She never left when I was homeless, but stuck by my side when others left. She doesn’t ask much from me, but a bit of love, some food in her bowl, and a spot on my lap in the evening. Earlier, while I was working up my soup I caught a glimpse of her. I don’t have a knitting basket. I have a cardboard box I work out of. I dunno….It seems its always been like that. I never had the money for a knitting basket. I used a little grocery bag before to keep the yarn from rolling all over the place, now I’ve progressed to a cardboard box. So, I peeked round from my soup and saw my little Mario cuddled up against my yarn in my yarn box. I’m lucky because she doesn’t rip it to shreds like cats are prone to do. Nah, she just sat cuddled up against it and fell asleep. And something about that just made me realize how cozy a weekend this should be. A big pot of soup, a ton of yarn to work through with purpose, and my best bud curled up beside me.

I hope ya’ll have a great weekend. Cheers!


(Oh! I forgot to mention the movie I was gonna watch. I’ll give you a hint:

“It looked just like Skinny and Sweet…..except for the little skull and crossbones on the label…”



  1. Thank you, Gregory. Your post helped me smile tonight, and it’s been a tough one on my end. I wonder if your comment about “no knitting basket” will get you inundated with them in the near future…You see, I have one I could send to you if you wanted…a lovely dark reddish brown wicker. All the way from Salt Lake City. I’m sure there are others who are closer, too…Anyway, thank you again. Enjoy the soup, and the movie and Mario and the opportunity to share love one knit and one pearl at a time. 🙂

  2. I love the pic of Mario your cat helping you with your knitting.She looks gorgeous in the box but…….. Is she a big cat in a little box or a very big cat in a very big box……. or a little cat in a little box? Have a lovely weekend!!!!

  3. MARIO! oh she looks so happy in the box! my stash gets shipped round in bags, hung on door handles and desk handles, multi colours means multi bags 🙂 less tangle and less kitten time 🙂 every so often they will rip the bottom out of a bag and run off with a ball or two, sadly mine are claw monsters!
    Give Mario some love from me too, enjoy your soup and calm weekend.

  4. It’s almost like Mario knows…”I can’t mess with dad’s stuff, it’s important, but I sure do love it!” Enjoy the movie…always a funny one!

  5. What a perfect way to spend the weekend. I have a cat named Samson, Unfortunately, he likes to tear up my yarn. I have to keep everything in a bag so he cannot get to it. He does love to lay in my lap in the evening while I’m knitting and he will get quite irked at me if I have the laptop in my lap. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I wish you a wonderful weekend!
    And Mario is so cute! How old is she?
    I have two cats now and they are lovely. It is so wonderful when they cuddle with you.

  7. Wonderful post. Now I want to use a knitting box because my cat Dory would curl up against my yarn and sleep too. Thank you!

    Happy knitting!

  8. My cats are my kitting companions too! As long as there is room on my lap or the arm of the chair they’re happy with the knitting. Gotta love having a cat, or two. Knit on, Gregory! Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. My cats love being with me while I knit. It doesn’t matter where, at least one of them is always by my side, I guess knitting helps them calm down as well 😉 Enjoy your weekend, it sounds like heaven 🙂

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