Hope Springs Eternal

Spring is slowly whispering amidst budding wildflowers and beams of warm sun. Squadrons of bees swirl through the daisies; hope lifts life towards the blue sky with promise. Spring is pretty much here. I love spring. As someone who has been burned and reborn and pushed down to rise back up again, I do not take for granted watching life bloom around me. I FEEL spring. I feel the hope in it. I feel the promise of life moving forward. I’ve always tended to be an optimistic person, but spring ratifies the idea that you can begin again, nothing is lost for good. I always tend to meet my challenges with hope and optimism.

I know that I have some orders that I am finishing up, and trying to get out, but I still need to get some more teddy bears adopted out. With five days until the end of the month and rent looming, I’m hoping that some of you might go ahead and adopt one. Actually, if a LOT of you adopted bears, I could cover rent AND the electric. I have a new design in my shop. A little guy with a white muzzle. So, if you know someone feeling blue, or in need of something to hug, or if you just want to have a friendly little face to keep around for some company, PLEASE adopt a teddy bear.

IMG_0222I need to get back to work now. Need to get back to getting more and more orders out. I pray everything works out. But, again that is the hope in spring. I am hopeful and optimistic that at some point the scratching to survive is replaced with a bountiful thriving. One day it will. I KNOW it will.



  1. Dear Gregory – I’d love a bear..
    I’d give it a great home.
    A bear from you’d have pride of place
    And never feel alone.

    But you are in the USA
    And I’m an English lass…
    Postage would be prohibitive
    And bear would need a pass-

    -port, and maybe fear the flight.
    I wouldn’t wish to stress
    a bear made with such love and care
    So I must be bear-less.

    I can’t knit with four needles –
    I find that just the pair
    Is actually quite challenging –
    so I can’t knit my own bear

    From your lovely patterns.
    But – an idea, in my head!
    I can pop across to Amazon
    And buy your book instead!

  2. My girls love stuffed animals and when I was looking at your bears the other day, my oldest commented on how much she liked your bears. So, I ordered two, one for the oldest and one for the youngest. Thank you! They will make lovely gifts for my girls!

  3. I have ordered a pretty pink bear 🙂 I couldn’t order the new one 😦 I will try another time 😉 I love my bears and I want another one at least!…

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