In Case You Missed It.

This is precisely to which I refer. You wanna do this? Don’t do it anonymously with a website that hides your IP and identity. Not sure if your email works, but I’m sure we’ll see…..In case you didn’t read it in the comments section:

Your 1700 bears works out at more than one per day. I don’t think so. No wonder there is a long stream of people complaining that you take their money and don’t send the goods, that you don’t bother to answer emails. Nothing new there though is there? I know who you are from a long time back under several variations on your name and you have a long and dishonourable history of this sort of thing.

Nonnie Mouse

My response:

Nope. Its been around 1700 by now. What several variations of my name? I’ve always been Gregory Patrick. Mad Man Knitting. And if you’ve got a complaint about my dishonorable history, then I truly hope you can counter that with some evidence. I don’t take kindly to that sort of remark. Especially since you didn’t reveal your name, nor how who seemed to know me. So, if you want to do this, don’t do it anonymously. Say your full name and your contact information, and to which incidents in my past to which you refer and we can either settle this in the public forum or with litigation.

Be prepared for either….

Gregory Patrick



  1. yep, missed it. hidden ip? fake name? a troll or a coward, probably both. getting cheap cookies hurling trash, stirring up the blogosphere. walk on by…

      1. They need to be called out. Good job! And if anyone wants to complain about bears not being received fast enough, it takes time to make bears or any handmade craft. If they’re that worried about it, they can wait on sending more than a deposit.

  2. Good for you for defending yourself. If I have ever had an issue with anything i have ordered from you, I let you know and you have fixed the issue. Don’t feel bad about wanting a life besides making the bears. Just keep it up. Thank you for the warm fuzzies I feel every time I look at my blue bunny. I’ll get a pic to you someday! LOL!

  3. It’s a shame the troll decided to pick on you, but I counted over 50 kind, supportive, and loving comments to their one snit of asshattery.

    You’re right up there with The Frogman and The Bloggess on my list of favorite blogs! And although I don’t knit (I’d probably poke an eye out if I tried), I do quilt. Someday we should maybe trade a bear for a quilt, since I’m also unemployed right now.

    Hugs from a web-footed gal in the wet Northwest!

    1. Thank you, sweetheart! No, I think these sort of people who hide but publicly snide need to be called out. I do. The do so much damage. And I think your quilts are probably gorgeous. I’d love to see a photo. And don’t worry. The first bear I made looked like a knit potato. 🙂

  4. Sigh… 😥 Nonnie Mouse is a squeaky mouse, & scurries like a mouse back through the token ring into their hole. Chin up, Gregory! You have a fan base who thinks the world of you

      1. Funny stuff, the internet. I can’t see my Post for On You, the Woods, and That Fire. Then I realized I’d been using Hotmail, not Yahoo for my ID. I hope you saw that I’m in!

  5. can’t yet that type of “person” bother you. His/her name is legion…..unfortunately.
    I am waiting for my bears but know when I get them I will love them. Please don’t let ignorance get to you.

  6. Gregory, As a fellow yarn crafter I must first comdealyou in having made over 1700 of your bears. Second as a very satisfied client I want to tell everyone out there that your bears are fantastic and when I did have a question about delivery you answered my email promptly. My son loves his bear in fact my daughter keeps complaining that its not fair that she hasn’t gotten one yet, lucky for her her birthday is coming up soon 🙂 And finally heavens bless you for the patience to deal with morons like mr. nonnie mouse! Happy knitting to you Greg 😉

  7. Definitely a coward. If they’re willing to make those kind of allegations then they should be willing to leave a valid name. It’s unfortunate that the internet has spawned a willingness to spread vitriol and hate without any thought to common decency and conscience, simply because you can hide behind anonymity.

  8. Sounds like someone with a problem. Have your lawyer handle.

    Your loved, respected and highly talented!

    Hope your Easter was grand,

  9. i have seen so many kind and decent people who are targeted by bullies who take great pleasure in saying mean, untrue and unkind things. i don’t understand that kind of person and i don’t think i ever will, but it is so wrong to pick apart others…. i have blogger friends who have closed their sites because of unkind and cruel retorts, and it upsets me that the bullies ‘win’ when that happens. thanks for standing up and for not letting ‘devnull’ have power over you.

    keep on kniting and making the world a brighter place w/your bears!
    good things come to those who wait, and if some people don’t understand that you can’t rush handmade items, they don’t deserve their unique bear!


  10. Sadly, Gregory, I think that this kind of thing is fairly common on the internet. People can hide behind anonymity to say whatever mean and ridiculous things they want. My advice is to totally ignore them. That is why there is a “delete” button. Do not spend a minute of your valuable time and energy on people like this.


  11. Yep, there are ways to trace the originator. Let your attorney handle the rest. It’s funny how money gets people’s attention. Maybe it is time to take that stand. Good luck.

  12. 1700 bears! Wow! Congratulations! Keep going, just keep going. You inspire me to continue crocheting although I haven’t been able to sell more than a dozen toys. People always complain how expensive they are but I know for sure my prices are low. You’re my inspiration.

  13. And I still offer yarn. Because what you do, especially for children, transcends fear and condemnation and wank.

  14. It’s sad that there are people like this in the world. I mean, it’s okay to bitch, if you’ve got a legit complaint; But some people just thrive on drama, and I just like to imagine them sitting at their beat up little desk, sitting in the corner of a dark room that smells vaguely of cat piss. Out here in the real world, that person doesn’t matter one damned bit. I still have not mastered sizing a knit hat correctly, though I’ve knit 14 now in an attempt to figure it out. I cannot fathom 1700 some odd bears. That’s up there on the amazing level.

  15. Well to the coward who wasted their time by going through a website in order to hide their name & contact info – sucks to be you right now huh?
    Have you bought something & not received it? If so, say so in order for it to be sorted out instead of behaving like a spoilt child!
    I’m from Australia & yet to get in quick enough to purchase on of the bears.

  16. There are always people who feel better when they try and bring someone down. Your response is perfect…stay strong and keep knitting! There are so many people who think the world of you and what you are doing. You are an inspiration to me and I am very grateful for the opportunity to connect 🙂

  17. Not sure why you are letting the few spoil it for the many. Obviously many people “get” you and are buying your bears. Sell them with the stipulation that you will get them out as soon as you are able without a time frame. After that if people purchase one they just know they will have to wait. I know doll makers who have waiting lists that are years out. If you want one of their dolls, you just know you are going to be waiting a couple years. People still pay their money down knowing that. I think you’re doing great and look forward to reading your blog.

  18. Anyone who orders something made by hand by one person SHOULD have sense enough to know that they may have to wait for their item. Been there, done that. Custom anything takes some time, you ask for something specific I certainly never had it waiting to ship as soon as the order was received. There were times I had to order special supplies to complete the order. As to the defamation, glad you’re not just taking it lying down or ignoring it. It’s just @I*#Y& rude and petty. Keep being the good guy you are and keep doing the good work you do.

  19. Good for you for defending yourself, and very nicely done too!
    Don’t think I’d have been quite so calm or professional sounding!!

  20. Sadly there are trolls everywhere. People who are so cowardly that they cannot even use their own names. The best thing to do is to not pander to their bullying tactics that are designed to elicit, at least a response and at the best (for them) a long drawn out sparring match on the internet where everyone can see. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Carry on living your life, knitting your lovely bears, stay true to yourself and do not be brought down by some a-hole who has too much time on their hands and nothing more useful to do.


  21. Honey, listen…
    With all the positive vibes and responses you’ve been given, why give this asshole the time of day? Soak in the positive, repell the negative.

    Thanx for all you do!!!

  22. I read your blog for the good it does me. My woods are more metaphorical than actual, but they are just as hard to get out of and much easier to get back to. Your blog shows the path. Don’t let the rocks and thorns stop you, they will always be there. Keep going.

  23. Gregory, I do not know your past, nor does it matter. I think you have done an amazing job providing for yourself. You make bear after bear (which I would have been bored with after 2 bears, let alone 1700) in a world that for some stupid reason deems knitting a woman’s skill. I started reading your page after the “knitting in the coffee shop” article. You inspired me. You have an amazing talent in writing as well.

    I’ve had some hard patches in my life, but I always try to see the sunny side. People can be jerks and out of every 10 positive things that happen, somehow that 1 negative comment will always ruin your day. People are envious. It takes balls to be able to push past the negative and see the sun. You see the sunny side, I know you do.

    Keep on keeping on.
    PS We both need a Tshirt that says “I knit so I don’t kill people”. LOL. Have a great “sunny” day. Never stop doing what makes YOU happy. 🙂

  24. I have order a teddy bears and email asking what happen. I know that it takes times to complete your orders. You have response to me and I was very happy that you let me know what the status of the order. People should be patience and just simple ask about the order and not complain. Communication is the key to resolving issue. Keep up the good work and I never will complain to you.


  25. Gregory love your artistic brilliance and simply love the man behind the bears, blogs, and writings. Sending my love, kisses, and hugs.

  26. So sad to find trolls being such horrid trolls, no surprise, but not fun. I love your blog, your honesty and your bears, I have several and I have more on order, and I am not in a rush, good things take time and love and I know how much love is in your bears. I vaguely remember a troll nearly two years ago that sounded like this! caused a fuss that was proved to be rubbish and disappeared! annoying that loud and wrong makes more noise than quiet love! I do hope you know you are loved by so many of us, I follow you blog and smile, or cry with you. As someone said before your like family I haven’t met yet! but love anyway.
    The tag that came with my bears is hanging by my bed and when ever I feel low I read it, Thank you for you love when I need it and have mine for when ever you need it.

  27. Amen! Way to go Gregory. I was one that received my bear late, but it was totally worth the wait. And I will also say that I understand you are extremely busy. It happens. We all have moments where we get behind. And the more time you spend emailing everyone back, the less time you have to work on the bears. This was just another form of cyber-bullying.

  28. I, for one, say “More power to you!” I am inspired by your blogs/ramblings/thoughts, and I have more respect for someone that gets themselves out of a bad situation and succeeds…on their own! I knit little bears, too, and sell them locally. My goal is to open my own yarn shop in the next couple years. Keep blogging, and knitting, and being true to yourself!!

  29. Gregory, I wonder whether it would help potential customers if you indicated in your ‘shop’ the approximate time between order and despatch at present? You could update one a week. I know you are open about the fact that you don’t carry a stock and that customers need to wait, but one person’s idea of an acceptable wait is different to another person’s… especially in these days of ‘next day delivery’.
    And all you folks out there who want to help… buy a pattern or a copy of the book and give the man a breather!
    Jan x

  30. I sometimes don’t read the comments to blogs or articles that I follow, simply because this kind of comment is now common place. It makes me sad and sometimes angry (at the hate spewed on the innocent or even the “not so innocent.” LOL! ) In any case, I support you and I recognize a troll when I see one, just a bully and a coward! Keep on blogging, Mr. Patrick. I look forward to your posts and observations. AND, I know, when I get my bear, I will be very pleased with him. He is a gift to a friend who lost his mother last year He collects bears and antiques and chairs…he collects a lot of beautiful object d’ars. I promise to send you a picture of your bear with his collection. Thank you, so much, for being an inspiration. You show courage in your persistence and in your tough stance with those who hide behind anonymity Sending my love from the heart of the Heartland (Iowa).

  31. One time our house was suddenly overrun with mice. They had a disco in the oven. I was so freaked out we called an exterminator. He made me feel so much better (when I say better I mean more freaked out) when he explained that mice not only leave droppings but urine with every step they take. Nasty creatures in the house, mice. Even if he was telling me a tall tale to get a contract, I never forgot that and deal with them accordingly. You can too!

  32. I can’t imagine being unsatisfied with a HANDKNIT bear. As a knitter who often takes commissions I know how impatient people can be. I am an extremely slow knitter so I say kudos to you for being to create a business from your passion.

  33. I’m new to this so please excuse my ignorance about such matters, but isn’t there something you can do if someone writes lies about you. Think you are right to try to name and shame them. If they don’t like you or your blog why follow you? Please don’t let the opinion of one stop you writing and knitting for the many that enjoy your writing and bears 🐻

    1. I decided I could either ignore the issue, or fight it back. I think one of the WORST responses to life anyone can ever claim is “whatever.” No, these things matter. I can’t stand back and allow someone to be so quietly venomous without me being able to face them, nor address them by name. I think those days will come to an end, if we all see it happen and squash it at once.

  34. I love your bears and I think you are wonderful, haters will hate, don’t let them get you down and don’t go away. The world needs more like you and less like him!

  35. Dear Greg,
    I ordered a bear last year in December but I won´t complain. I just wait patiently and I still believe that my teddy bear will arrive one day. 🙂
    I don´t know you personally so I don´t know if people have a reason to accuse you of something. Everybody has a past, everybody makes mistakes but people can change. Maybe they are just jealous of your publicity.
    Greetings from Germany,

  36. Some people are just mean. They do not get a pass something bad happened to them. A person can choose to be nice or choose to be mean. Let’s all ignore the mean and knit happily ever after.

  37. I just found your site and while I can’t afford your bears, I admire your work. You have come too far to give up now. I hope you start posting more frequently. Do you knit anything other than bears? A little hope goes a long way.

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