Green Sock Bears

So, for every order that I finish working up, I take a break by doing these “one of a kind” bears that I’ve done in the past. What I have loved about using this sock yarn is how the gradient makes it impossible for any two bears to be exactly the same.

IMG_0321Each one is ready to be adopted out. Each of them is made with superwash wool (so they are perfect for little ones), they stand about 8″ tall, and are ready to ship with a signed card.

IMG_0329 IMG_0324 IMG_0325IMG_0323So click on the photo of the bear you would like!

Ok, so, gotta get back to work. This weekend I’m working on bears for Connie, Caroline M., James, Terry, Faith and Andrea!



  1. I love your work. The green sock bears are great. I am writing, because I am worried about your wrists, with the amount of knitting you do. Please take care of yourself and avoid carpal tunnel. I am a long time knitter, and have developed it. Wear a wrist brace at night if they get sore. Helps a lot. Can get them inexpensive at walmart around, $15. Well worth the price of a wrist. Do keep Mario inside. Love the photos.

  2. OMG – just read that you are working on a bear for Andrea… Could it be me?
    I ordered from Germany. I´m so excited!!!!! 😀

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