Blue, Brown and More Later

I’ll be sure to blog later this evening, for I have TONS to tell you, but for the moment, I’m still raising rent for this month and thought I’d share with you these two little guys that will help to get that done.

IMG_0420 This little blue one is insanely soft, made of a wool, nylon, and bamboo blend and DOUBLE STRANDED. Yup! One strand was so fine and fragile, that I worked from both ends of the skein to double strand the work, maybe him plush and cuddly. I LOVE the way this feels. I guess you could say blue is an old standard for new born boys, so I switched it up a touch and put this peach bow on him. I think that now makes him totally acceptable for any newborn, boy or girl. Click here to adopt him.


IMG_0428This little brown one has a mix of  merino wool. He looks old school, traditional, your standard regular every day brown bear teddy being tugged about the house by a rambunctious little one. Click here to adopt him.

Both bears measure 12″ from the bottom of the foot to the top of the head, and are ready to ship with a signed card.

Ok. I have some errands to take care of. I’ll be blogging later today!



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