The Messenger Bag

IMG_0483So, in the stash of yarn I received as a donation, I came across this great brick red wool. Although it was too bulky to make a bear with, I thought it would be perfect for felting. So, over the last three months I’ve had it set on some circular needles and every once in a while, I’d work a row or two around and then get back to the teddy bears. (Sometimes I you have to do something a little different, to keep monotony from causing burn out). So, with rent still in need, I finished it up real quick, tossed it in Kara’s washing machine and BAM! it felted nicely. It measures 15″ wide and 11″ tall. Kara’s not here at the moment, but when either one of us wear it, it falls right at the hip if tossed over the shoulder. So, the strap is the perfect length. Heavier items will make it drop further, but lighter things (like carting around yarn!) keeps this bag right at your belt line. Its ready to ship with a signed card.

If you’d like to have it, click here.

IMG_0487I still have a lot to blog about, but right now, it’s already the 6th of the month and I’m still trying to work up rent. So, once I’ve got that covered, I’ll be back to working up teddy bear orders on my list, and writing more about the massive amount of things I have to tell you.

Ok….back to work.

IMG_0491Oh wait! I forgot! I have another one of a kind bear in smokey grey made with the Debbie Bliss yarn in 100% Merino wool. He’s also ready to ship with a signed card. Click here if you want to adopt him.


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