How to Get Rid Of Stress

We all have our own individual escapism. We all have our own way of dealing with stress. We all find ways to block away the toils of the day, finding our own ways to relax, release, and find enjoyment. Mine? Simple pleasures. Kara hit Clemen’s produce yesterday and snagged me some more green peanuts for boiling. You have no idea what that simple little gesture does fIMG_0548or a day of worry. It’s gone, I tell you. GONE. So, people have asked, how do you cook them? What’s the recipe? Now, you can get all fancy and frilly and do lovely things, I’m sure, with a recipe, but it’s quite easy. Throw your peanuts (about a pound) in a big ol’ pot filled with water. Now, just fill the pot with water. The peanuts will float, so you can’t cover them. Add about a quarter of a cup of salt. Actually, reduce that a little. Just a touch less than that. Set the burner on high and put a lid on the pot, titled, so some steam is allowed to escape as they cook. Once it begins to boil, think one hour. One hour of boiling should be all you need, but check on them every 15 minutes to see if there’s enough water in the pot. Once your hour is done, pull a peanut out, blow on it, cool it, snap it open and see if the peanuts are tender enough. If so? Then proceed to step two: turn off the heat and let the peanuts sit there for another hour. The brine will flavor the peanuts. Done. Delicious. Devilishly nutritious.

thNow while the peanuts were soaking in the hot brine I took to my tub, for which I’m too tall for, but who cares! It still does its job. Now, when I soak in the tub I tend to read Calvin and Hobbes. I don’t know where that came from…..

That’s a lie. I know EXACTLY why. I often felt like Calvin when I was a kid. A crazy little shit with a wild imagination, too smart for his own good, and whose stuff tiger became his best friend. I didn’t have a stuffed tiger. I had an E.T. doll I carried everywhere. I identify with Calvin. I think a lot of people reminisce about their childhood through Calvin and Hobbes. So I was compelled to work up a tiger. I’m fond of felines anyway. But, something about that connection between Hobbes and all of us former little shits seemed to call upon something in my spirit. “DO it,” my spirit said. “Be a boy again.”

IMG_0549So, the tiger isn’t quite done, but will be ready tomorrow, but I thought I’d show a quick sneak peek into how he’s working up.

IMG_0554And finally? How to unwind and get rid of stress? Have your best bud, Mario, sit on your lap and read and critique what you write. Its funny that she really does seem to perch herself right here on this lap of mine just when I start to blog.

So that’s how you unwind and get rid of stress. Soak in the tub, read some Calvin and Hobbes, boil some peanuts and have your best bud at your side. It’s little things, simple pleasures. No spas nor vacations to exotic locations. It’s all about the pleasure of little treasures.

And from that? I dare you not to smile.

Talk to you tomorrow. (“ROAR!!!!!” said tiger…..then he yawned and went back to sleep beside me).



  1. Your writing on this post is brilliant from beginning to end. Love me some boiled peanuts. And still have a Calvin & Hobbes book around here somewhere. I also had an ET doll. πŸ™‚ you are so right about simple pleasures. They around us all the time. Tiger is turning out great! Have an awesome day! Tammy

  2. Hi Patrick – Anxious to see the “Tiger”. I have not seen
    “Raw Peanuts” in Michigan. Just a thought, why not make, package and sell your “Home-made Peanuts” ?For those of us saving to purchase their first Bear or (Tiger) we could all afford yur special treasure snacks. You could also sell us a pound of raw peanuts and we could do the “Recipe”.
    I wish I was the “Boy Next Door” I’d be visiting every day and helping you with all the other stuff involved in yur bears/peanuts venture giving you more time to Knit and Blog. Hugs, Tobias…Frankenmuth MI

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