Tigers Are For Cuddling

IMG_0558So, here’s my first tiger! I made him with Paton’s classic wool in pumpkin, black and aran. I really think he came out rather well. And yes, I initially wanted to do a version of Calvin’s stuffed version of Hobbes. But, there were far too many out there.


xI wanted to a stuffed version of Hobbes as we see him, animated and engaging, like the version Calvin sees in his imagination. If you’d like to adopt my very first tiger, click here. He’s ready to ship with a signed card.

And HERE is the pattern!




  1. Your critters are just the best around. I am a fan! I’ve looked clicked around the internet looking at other people’s critters and they never can compare. I made 3 Gregory bears already and they are calmly waiting to be joined by an “original” Gregory bear who is, even as I write, working it’s way up your list.

  2. He looks great! Can’t wait for the pattern. I’ve made a bunch of your rabbit pattern and they’ve all turned out wonderfully.

  3. Your tiger is terrrrrific, Gregory! Those whiskers! Better than Hobbes because he’s so clearly one of yours. I sure hope I can adopt one before too long, but I live almost as close to the bone as you do. Thank you for sharing your journey; I admire the way you’ve followed your path.

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