Tigers and Bears

unnamed3IMG_0558IMG_0364So, the closer we get to the end of the month, the more I start pushing my merchandise. Of course, I do! I have rent to pay! So, I just wanted to remind anyone, if ya’ll hadn’t seen, that my mom’s blanket is still available (Click here for more info), and my new pattern for the tiger went up yesterday. Click here for the pattern.

I still have 8 skeins of that very interesting multicolored yarn I worked up The Rainbow bear with, so I’ll be doing a few more of him by the end of the month.

I’ll be sure to post them as they’re finished up so you can adopt them. I’ve been reading your comments about advice and I do like (I REALLY like the “calling all knitters” plan. I’ll work out the details this weekend.

Ok. I gotta run. Hitching a ride with Kara to Publix. Coffee is buy one, get one free this week. That’s a lot of busy knitting πŸ™‚







  1. I just purchased the pattern for the Hobbs like tiger. He is so cute!! Thank you for putting him out there for us to knit up.

  2. Just read the comment with the “calling all knitters” suggestion. Great idea! I look forward to your next post. And count me in! I’m in Orlando, I’ve bought your pattern, and I’ve got plenty of stash yarn. I’d be happy to contribute a few bears.

  3. Oh BOGOF πŸ™‚ or as we know it buy one get one free, πŸ™‚ coffee! enjoy! I have your tiger, I am going to take it home and have a look through my stash for black and orange! I grew up with lasagna loving Garfield, so I may make mine a bit fatter and more lazy! πŸ™‚ I love your mums bed cover, I made a kingsize one for my own bed a few years ago! the time and effort is so much more than you know! Hope you are getting your back log sorted and I still want to try green peanuts, but I bet I can’t get them here 😦 keep knitting and happy coffee day!

  4. Just have to say that the rainbow bear and the Hobbs like tiger are beyond adorable. I think what you are doing is fantastic and I look forward to every blog and each creation.

  5. I have a grandgirl coming in September, I am going to get one of your bears for her at some point. I love the different looks you achieve.

  6. My bear arrived yesterday. It’s perfect. Thank you very much. I’m going to have to get patterns one of these days too!

  7. The Calling All Knitters plan is definitely your best bet to get ahead and stop having to read nasty emails. Like many others, I’d love to help, so make sure to keep us all posted.

    One thing I would suggest if you get help is to have people just knit up the pieces rather than make complete bears. Not only does that make it easier and cheaper to ship them to you, but it means you can give them each your personal touch and make them more consistent in appearance. To use some of the marketing speak I’m surrounded by in my job: you’re building up a personal brand here, you want to make sure you protect it!

  8. Could you use a yarn donation? I seriously need to destash, but want the yarn to be used and make someone’s day.

  9. Love what you do and can’t wait to share your story with my team of knitters that work for me, especially the lone male knitter, Hector.

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