Gone Croquetin’

IMG_0013Everyone knows I love to play croquet. If you haven’t read my posts about it by now, then be warned, I LOVE to play croquet. Not only is it exceedingly fun, but an awesome way to spoil a day with friends. We’ll stop by Publix where you can snag a whole fried chicken, a side of cole slaw and baked beans, dinner rolls and a gallon of iced tea for $10. SWEET. Then we’ll rendezvous at either George’s house or the park and have something of a picnic/croquet game. You get outside, have some friendly competition, get some exercise and have a little fun. Nothing wrong with that, eh?

IMG_0590Now, the woman who lives across the street is a knitter and she has come over to sit and knit with me on occasion. But, that poor woman has not only a husband and a three year old, but she also runs her own restaurant. Needless to say, she is committed, so I don’t see her very often. She’s very good company, though. Quite a fun person to talk with. On her last visit she gave me a little present. She said, “You’re always talking about how much you love to play croquet and how you can’t wait to get some downtime to play, so I thought in the meantime I’d give you this! It’s been sitting on a shelf for years and I thought I’d let you have it.” She handed me this adorable little dollhouse croquet set made out of matchsticks. I love it! I sit it near my yarn and needles and while I’m working on a teddy bear, I do have a tendency to peek over at it and wistfully think of a time when I can play again.

…..why not today? Seriously, what am I waiting for? If I keep thinking that, I’ll never play again! I’ll spend all of my time thinking, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. NO! TODAY! I’ve gotten a lot of work done this weekend, so why not take this precious Sunday and have fun playing croquet!??!!

So, I decided that was  my plan for today. If I could adopt out the last of the Rainbow Bears, I’d be able to sit back, sigh with a great sense of accomplishment, snag my croquet set and head for the park. Yep, I decided if the Rainbow Bears get adopted out, then I’m taking the day off and I’m going croquetin’.

IMG_0583If you’d like to adopt the Rainbow Bear, click here. Ready to ship with a signed card by me.



  1. I enjoy croquet too, haven’t played in years tho, no one has a set and I haven’t been able to convince anyone I know that it’s fun. “Oh, that old game people play instead of golf.” I think they’re missing something. Hope you have some fun with it.

  2. I never thought that croquet would be fun. I see people playing, and I think of putt-putt golf or something. I AM glad that you like it, though. Ugh! I have to buy one of your bears, soon. I have a couple of young nieces who I’m sure would love one.

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