My First Official Knitting Group

So! It was somewhat, sort of, kinda officially formed today. My very own knitting group. I felt like a rock star in his garage gathering a couple of people he knew just to do rag tag skiffs on a guitar and calling themselves the world’s greatest band. Big ideas and dreams were tossed around, monumental ambitions spoken, as if we were going to revolutionize knitting. How many members? Just two 🙂

I received a message from a man in town who says he knits and used to belong to a HUGE knitting group in Michigan and had I thought about starting one for men here?

So I asked, “When are you free?”

“How about Sunday at 1?”

“I think we just started a knitting group, man.”

He met, both of us with projects in hand and we were off. He’s working on a baby blanket, he’s going to be an uncle very soon. And I was obviously working on my teddy bears. Of course we did the usual knit chit chat. How did you get started? How long have you been doing it? Then in no time, we ended up gossiping. In a good way! I mean we were talking about Claus Von Bulow and Leona Helmsley. No one that might suffer under our opinions. And the whole time I just considered in my mind this idea of a collective of men sitting there knitting, a group of fellas talking about whatever, knitting in front of the world to see. Not to be boastful, but to say, “Hey! Come on in, the waters fine!” Maybe it would be encouraging to anyone, man or woman, to see a group of guys with needles in hand, trash talking bad TV movies of the week. It be a sign to anyone that all are welcome, you can have a seat by me, don’t be afraid. All is well.

So, it will start with only 2 guys. But, I decided I wanted to put up a sign at Starbucks that says, “KNIT LIKE A MAN! Be Here First Sunday of the Month at 1pm. Open to everyone, but gents encouraged.”

And as we were leaving he happened to mention, “you know….I really am impressed with those teddy bears. Maybe you could show me how to make one?”

Bam, went my light bulb, my entrepreneurial eureka. “I think we can work something out……” I would love to employ him, pay him $5 for every body of a bear that he does. They only take about an hour and a half for an experienced knitter, and that would help me get back on track in no time. AND!!! AND!!!! It would still be done by a man. Yeah! Another ball cap wearing, boot strapping man. (You know I love the ladies…..but a group of men, rag tagged skiffing with their guitars knitting adorable little teddy bears?……THAT is a sight).

So, a little seed money could help out. Nothing massive. Just enough to help me to pay him for a couple of bear bodies.

And I could be starting a new kind of interesting adventure…..MadManKnitting (little trademark in a circle here). Now, he couldn’t make the whole bear, no no no. Then it wouldn’t be mine. I still need to work up that face, those eyes, that sad little pout. But, a big chunk of the work goes into the body. So, I just might be able to hire someone to help me. I just might have started……my own company?


I think I’m on to something 🙂

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  1. Whick Starbucks? I’m not male, but I do live in Orlando and Sunday is a good day for me so I’d really like the chance to meet up and knit with y’all. Looking forward to your response! Thanks 🙂

      1. I may just show up to this next month!!! With my sad scarf I’ve been trying to finish for a year now **sigh**

  2. This is most wonderful news! Congratulations!

    I started my own first official knitting group three weeks ago. We have (drum roll, please) TWO members! We meet at the center of our local mall. My new friend, Maryanne, saw my post on a local crafters’ page and decided to join me. She came, needles and yarn in hand, and asked, “Could you teach me how to knit?” We have a great time together. Our last 2-hour session lasted 4 1/2 hours.

  3. This is just the BEST news ever. I know your group is going to grow into a overflowing crowd not even able to fit into the Starbucks pretty soon. And I know you are totally thrilled to have help with your “teddies.” Once you get started, you could do twice as many sales as before. AWESOME!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

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