Purple Bear

So, my new “employee” will be showing up tomorrow. Isn’t that awesome? I made a couple of dollars in donations (thank you!). Enough to be able to call him up and tell him my idea. He said was fully on board and was looking forward to it. Hot damn. Very cool. 🙂 So, tomorrow I’m hoping we bust out some teddy bears in crazy ways. This is just the start of something. I can feel it 🙂 Something awesome.

IMG_0602Today’s bear is made of Lionbrand’s Wool Ease (so it makes it easier to clean) in purple with a tan muzzle. Actually, the muzzle is a touch of what was left over from the Debbie Bliss Merino Wool I had. NEVER let yarn go to waste 🙂 This bear measure’s 12″ tall from top of head to tip of toe and ready to ship with a signed card from me. If you’d like to adopt him (or her) click here.

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  1. I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news but if he is going to be your employee you need to take into consideration payroll taxes. Just an FYI so you don’t get off on the wrong foot.

    A blog Fan

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