Big Brown Bear

IMG_0670 So, I finally have my appointment to have my arm looked at on Friday. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. The whole ordeal is just making me cranky. I’ve been wandering around with a timid scowl, left arm outstretched, rotating my wrist, looking like some crazy old man dishing curses out. So, I’m looking forward to just being done with the pain and getting back to normal. I haven’t been writing much, knitting until it hurts, then resting my arm in my lap limply. I plan to celebrate with a cartwheel.

This is my bear for today. This was the last of that lovely brown skein of wool from New Zealand that was given to me. His cousin is on his way to England, sp there are only TWO of this little guys on the planet. He ended up being MUCH bigger than one of my normal bears. MUCH bigger. SO he’s a nice size for cuddling. He’s ready to ship with a signed card from me. 🙂 If you’d like to adopt him, click here.

I’d like to get him adopted today. I’m craving a salad. I haven’t had a tomato in forever. So, I’m craving a nice salad. With tomatoes.

Ok, I’m gonna knit a little more for today, then call it quits. To keep me company while working lately, I’ve been purge watching “Murder, She Wrote.” JB Fletcher ROCKS.

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  1. I’m sorry you’re still having problems with your arm. My educated guess (experience) is that you have overworked it and may have done some damage. Here’s hoping the damage is slight and the problem is easily fixable :~).

  2. Gregory, I’m so excited and feel really special having just one of two unique bears. I love him already. I so hope your arm gets mended really quick. I honestly do. Denis x

  3. Hang in there with the arm pain. For about 6 months I had terrible pain right above my elbow. Thought it was my mouse, changed my desk arrangement, changed my mouse, tried all sort of massage and braces, nothing worked. Then one evening my husband rubbed my upper back, near the shoulder blade on that arm and, presto, like magic the pain was gone the next morning. It came back a few weeks later and I rubbed that general area on my back again and it has now been gone for months. have no idea what it was but I’ve found that most arm
    and leg pains are usually caused by something in your back.

    As for the needle work, I’ve does all forms since early childhood, aging eyesight has ruined stitchwork for me except for quilting, crocheting makes my hands go numb and if I do too much I now get a weird rash on my lower arms that I’ve been told is related to carpul tunnel (oddly), and even knitting makes my hands go numb but I can still manage it in short bursts of activity. Sadly, it seems to come with the territory. So glad you have helpers.

  4. Love me some Murder, She Wrote! Recently watched the entire show again with my husband – then a marathon of Monk. 🙂 It was awesome!

  5. Hey Gregory,
    In between knitting, you may have to get a small garden going, that way your tomato’s will be there when you want them, at least in the summer. Good luck with your wrist, hopefully it will go well. Kathleen

  6. I’m glad you’re finally getting your arm looked at. 🙂 I hope all went well at the doctor yesterday as well. Good luck and hope you are healed soon! 🙂

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