My LIVE Interview on the Huffington Post

ghOk, so I usually don’t blog twice in one day. I was going to wait to post this tomorrow, but I figured, “What the hell….why not?”

Earlier this afternoon I did my first on camera interview. NEVER have I done that before. But, the Huffington Post via Nancy Redd contacted me and asked if I would be part of a discussion about when your stereotypes don’t match your interests. Why me? Because I’m a scruffy looking man that knits. Sure! I’d love to! But, keep a few things in mind. I was crazy nervous, my lamp made my face look wacked, and I don’t have the top of the line computer beauty that most do, so I had to phone in my audio. Kinda funny. I was the only one holding a phone up to his ear.  So goes life.

I told myself, no matter what happened, I wanted to be endearing and optimistic. Especially optimistic. So, enjoy the interview! And see if you can catch my last line at the end of the segment! Click here to watch.

I’d love to continue the convo here, if ya’ll like. Let me know what you think. And by all means, share share share!

Now….where is FOX News at? Being the conservative that I am, they REALLY should have called me by now 😉

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  1. yaHOO!  congratulations!   the fact that you’re using a telephone makes it even more special and unique!  it’s like me using the lid to a cooking pot to get the internet signal fast enough to send this comment!  

    sigh.. the perils of the struggling artists!

    the video isn’t loading, but tomorrow i’ll watch it in town where the signal is much faster..     



  2. Awesome to see your infectious personality! Would love to see more video blogs from time to time. Well done!

  3. Loved that! You were fun to watch, very personable and relatable (best on the panel, in my opinion!). I think you’re right that in a way the stereotype has helped you stand out, but I also think people are drawn to you because you’re honest, and kind, and thoughtful. You add that to adorable teddy bears and bam, you’re a magnet. 🙂 But unfortunately, the stereotypes extend to a lot of us, including me as a youngish mom. I’ve been told that “knitting is for old ladies” several times–even wrote a blog post myself about it not too long ago. Makes me want to knit even more. Keep up the good work!

  4. Reblogged this on bonnyknits and commented:
    Not too long ago, I wrote a blog post called “Knitting is for Old Ladies” about the stereotypes us knitters and crocheters face. I even mentioned the Mad Man Knitting as an example of the fantastic non-traditional artists out there. Today, he was part of a HuffPost Live panel about when you don’t match up with your stereotypes. I’m glad he’s got more positive experiences with it than I do!

  5. I enjoyed this, I am 22 years old and a stay-at-home mom BY CHOICE. And when I say by choice I’m not only meaning the stay at home part but the mom part as well. When I got pregnant I had many of my friends and family assume it was an accident despite the fact that I was married well before. One relative even went so far as to send me a pm on Facebook saying “I’m sorry your birth control failed, but atleast you know who the father is!” I was appalled. When I started showing I had strangers even comment about the hard life of a TEEN mom… I was raised to be polite so I either just smiled and walked away or politely corrected everyone by telling them I made the choice to get married at 19, my husband and I made the choice to start trying for a baby right away. My birth control didn’t fail and I didn’t give birth until 21 by no mean have I ever been some teen mom. And the only thing I didn’t choose was to spend 10 months trying before finally conceiving. Yes I’m young yes financially things are tight, but everything is just the way I want it and always have. I was born to be a mother I have been “motherly” for as long as I can remember. While most parents where yelling at their kids to be polite my mom was yelling at me to stop parenting the kids on the playground. I am a young SAHM and don’t fit in with any of the other stay at home moms in the area nor the other moms my age but that doesn’t mean anything. I am a damn good mom my daughter is healthy, smart, and she couldn’t live without me. I don’t fit the stereotype and I’m proud of it, but it’s nice to know others struggle with not fitting stereotypes as well!

  6. I love that they wanted to interview you. I’ll watch it tomorrow when I have enough data to do so. I get lots of the ‘knitting is for grandmas’ type comments from schoolmates but I just ignore it. I also like to cook and bake and make a lot of things from scratch. Some people automatically assume I’m liberal because I’m earth-conscious. A lot of people automatically assume I’m conservative because I’m Christian and I do homemakery things but I’m not. I’m not either party.

  7. That’s awesome. So good to see you and hear your voice. I feel like I know you from your blog and book and this rounds out the experience. (Seriously not a stalker fan or anything creepy.) 🙂

  8. stereotypes are good to help with a short hand, if your a writer or a communicator you can use that to create a picture with out drawing it out. The atypical folk are actually the norm because no one is a complete stereotype, 🙂 you sound so much like your blog its nice to know how you sound as well as how you look and write :-D.
    Mind you any one with a problem about stereotypes has a problem themselves the rest of us just enjoy life.

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