Bears are Like Silly String

IMG_0678IMG_0681 IMG_0685 IMG_0687I usually don’t mess around with cotton. For some reason, the stitches are uncooperative, and moving them along the needle seems to be difficult. I dunno. Maybe its humidity. Maybe its just me. But, I received this gift of yarn from a lovely woman named Jennie. This lusciously awesome cotton from Nashua just felt so good in my hands, felt so pliant and spongy, like marshmallow, or silly string that I couldn’t resist. Can you imagine a bear knit from silly string? Wouldn’t last long, but would be as cool as knitting a bear out of Ramen noodles. Now, THAT would be a challenge. Anyway, with my arm beginning to feel better after my appointment, and with rent coming due, I had to play with this cotton. Everything I had experienced before with cotton was proven wrong. I loved the way it felt moving through my fingers, its squishy softness bearing no difficulty as I moved from needle to needle.

So, here are the three bears I made from the cotton, ready to be adopted, ready to ship with a signed card from me. They’re the same size as my standard bear (12 from toe to head). Just click on the photo of the bear you’d like. OH! I want to say something like, these are one of a kind, but I’m not too sure. I mean. I really like the way they came out, so its possible one day I’ll have more of this yarn if it hasn’t been discontinued. But, for now? There is only one of each. Cheers!


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  1. These are wonderful! Especially for anyone allergic to wool. They do look like
    marshmallows. Is the brand of cotton yarn Nashua?


  2. Cotton is the way it is because it has no give (or stretch). It also has no fibre memory – once it starts to stretch it just keeps on going and never snaps back the way wool or acrylic does. It has its uses (think: dishcloths, tote bags) but I’m not a fan of working with it. *squeak, squeak, squeak* on the needles/hook!

    It’s possible the cotton you were using has some acrylic or polyester content, or perhaps it’s of a higher quality. Whatever the case, I’m glad you enjoyed working with it! 🙂

  3. Have you tried any of the bamboo yarns? Super light weight and soft. I found very easy to work with. Hope some comes your way someday. Love your cotton cuties.

  4. well done, love the cotton bears, so pretty, keep on going, love to hear about your knitting and thoughts, was very moved when i read your post about homeless people. i hope the huffington post gives you a good write up and does you some good!

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