From Purity Comes Peace

Now, I’m not Catholic, but I’ve always had a fondness for the Virgin Mary. I’m not sure where it comes from, but perhaps I can use someone else’s quote: “She’s our Mother. Everyone’s Mother. The Mother of the Universe.” Even if you don’t believe in Christianity, or in Catholicism, there is something simpler we can use in regards to Mary being the mother of Jesus, or even as said in the quote, “Everyone’s mother.”

From purity comes peace. Its as simple as that, really.

I’ve never been a big fan of people who readily and quickly denounce others for their lack of purity. Its as if drinking, smoking, drug use, and sexual encounters suddenly dismiss the idea of purity. I don’t like that notion. I can’t recall the exact quote in the Bible, but it goes something like this. “It’s not what one puts in the mouth that defiles it, its what comes out.” That makes so much more sense when it comes to purity. The action towards another, not the action towards the self. Our feelings are measures of our purity. Our emotions, our thoughts, our words directed at the rest of the world, all clarify what purity is. Our motives, our intentions, all come together to decree just how pure our lives really are. We can never be lead into the trap that only the pious can be pure, that self deprecation brings us closer to the Divine, that only guilt sets us on the path of the saints. The real design of purity is deeply rooted in the remembrance of our worth. Anyone who has a lack of self worth has no purity. Anyone who says they can only be pure by being self loathing is not pure. Its as if God, the Universe, the Light reminds us that our purity comes from knowing, in all occasions, in all situations, that we are all part of One. And that our actions bless us when we see in all things we do, in all things we say, in all those we encounter, the same brilliance we see in ourselves. That is purity. Purity is NOT holding yourself to a higher level of worth because you are pious. And in the lives we live in purity, real purity, peace is summoned and created. Our smiles are deeper, not bigger, just more genuine even if they are subtle. Our lives are devoid of pain and suffering when we remember that our intentions determine purity.

Now, why am I going on and on about this? I was watching 20/20, or Nightline, or Primetime Live or one of those shows recently on the sightings of the Virgin Mary, and the thousands and thousands of people that pilgrimage to certain locations in hopes of spotting the Blessed Mother. I was drawn to this, like I said, because I have an unexplained fondness for the Virgin Mother. The correspondent actually did a marvelous job of being unbiased and never gave a thought or opinion on what one would consider the “legitimacy” of these sightings. He was very matter of fact. He did not lean in on whether these sightings were real, or if they were a con. But, it was an interview with a skeptic that caused me to write this. The skeptic said, “There is no way of determining if these people actually see Mary. They certainly believe they do, but there is no way of determining if what they see is truth or a hoax.” And that affected me, it caused me to smile, actually.

50,000 people gather in a field, praying, holding hands hopeful of a connection to the Divine. Purity is sought, and peace prevails. There are no muggings and stabbings, no gossiping about people, no selfies, no clutches to the phone trying to make a business deal. No. None of that. What you have is thousands upon thousands of people all with the same blessed intention. Remembrance of the connection to the Divine. And that is purity. From that purity, 50,000 of us flawed and aggressive humans managed to create an atmosphere of peace within, and peace towards each other.

Didn’t see the Virgin Mary? Doesn’t he understand? Seeing 50,000 in prayer IS seeing the Virgin Mary, it IS seeing purity. Seeing the Divine in others is not a new notion. But it is worth repeating. And seeing the Divine in yourself, with all of your flaws and all of your misgivings, is challenging, but worth attempting. For no peace can come of our lives, let alone of this world, if we do not make that connection to the Divine within, and towards one another.

When someone should mention that they don’t see God, remind them, “I see God. Because I see you.”

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  1. Hi Gregory, how are you doing, my friend? I have a somewhat similar story. This happened (I was there) in April of 2008. You may know the football stadium in Seattle was designed to amplify all sound in order to make it a challenging venue for the opposing team. Keep that in mind. In April 2008, His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited Seattle and on a Saturday there was a gathering of 50,000+ people to see and hear him. I was one of those people. That stadium was packed with people. Jam packed. And you could not hear a sound. Absolute silence in reverence for this humble, holy man. Brought me to tears. So yes, I would agree, from purity comes peace. Love and peace.

  2. On a day where 100,000 people meditated for world peace you share this beautiful piece of your soul. I feel the affects already. Thank you. You are so blessed to have this connection with the Holy Mother. 😀

  3. Pareidolia: the human tendency to see faces where none actually exist. Cloud animals, knotted tree trunks, the man in the moon… we invent them because we are prewired to detect faces, and once we see them, it’s virtually impossible to unsee them.

    Neuroscientist Sophie Scott, of University College London said, “Being able to see Jesus’s face in toast is telling you more about what’s happening with your expectations, and how you’re interpreting the world based on your expectations, rather than anything that’s necessarily in the toast.” I think that speaks volumes.

  4. Beautifully articulated. You have explained a truth in a way easily understood. In the smallest of us or the most prominent, there is that which is universal, the Divine. Thank you. A most meaningful piece to read before retiring for the night.

  5. The issue of faith can be upsetting to those who question it, as it can be frustrating to the folk who need to have proof, the very act helps folk, if it is or isn’t real, your right the true result is the people who believe, thank you for stating that. I am married to a wonderful man who has no time for anything religious, and I cant help feel his world is a little darker than mine, no chance of thanking god for a pretty scene, or a prayer at a moment of beauty. My world is glass half full, while his is glass half empty, and not what he wanted to drink in the first place 🙂 I live in hope one day he will see more in the world, but I would never dictate to him and he would never limit me.

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