Vintage Bear

IMG_0709 IMG_0711So, as many of you know, Kara deals in vintage clothing. While on one of her many hunts, she came across two skeins of some vintage yarn. Now, look at that label. I’m thinking its from at least the late 60’s, early 70’s. You rarely find vintage yarn still wound up with label attached. Wow! I naturally HAD to work up a bear with it. I loved this! Imagine….a brand new life given to 40 or 50 year old yarn. And he even LOOKS vintage. The yarn was made of 100% virgin wool, but still tender to the touch. If you’d like to adopt him, click here. He’s ready to ship with a signed card by me. This one TRULY is a one of a kind. I can’t imagine ever finding this yarn ever again. Hopefully, he’ll be adopted today. Soon!

oh! And Kara said she’d offer anyone from my blog a 20% discount on her vintage clothing in her etsy shop if you use the code KNITBEAR. It’s a good day!

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  1. Hi Gregory!

    Out of curiosity, I searched Botany company’s yarn online. If it’s Botany Mills, the info
    I found (and maybe you already did this, too?) said the company started in 1889 in New Jersey and closed in 1955. So, that was a one of a kind bear! The yarn still turns up in estate sales and thrift shops, according to one yarn blog I read.


  2. Gregory, How much yarn do you need for a bear? I have some vintage yarn that’s about 50 years old. If I remember, it’s Mohair, and sort of a deep rose/w/ streaks of blue/indigo running through it. I can sent you a photo, if you think you’re interested. I really LOVED this yarn in college, but seriously doubt I’ll every use it. I have more than enough to make a sweater and can get you all the information if you like!

  3. Here’s the information: Multicolore, made in France exclusively for Reynolds Yarns, Inc. New York. Mohair 58%, Wool 27%, Rayon 15% Seven skeins at 65 yds each PLUS about three quarters of a sweater. I’ve frogged a sleeve (it’s not hard to frog, even though it’s fuzzy) and I can send you a photo if you like.

  4. I’m so glad he found a home, but bummed that his home isn’t with me! Keep up the amazing work. You are a great source of inspiration for me and I have loved all the new bears you’ve been working up. Keep those needles clicking and clacking!

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