Weathering the Wait

I’m glad everyone loved the vintage bear so much. And thanks so much for the heads up on hearing about it being from a company that closed in the 50’s. THAT is awesome! TRULY awesome that I was blessed enough to have it worked through my fingers. As if destiny said, “Here, little man. Have somethingΒ  truly genuine to create.” It was a good feeling.

However, with every bear I’ve been able to work up, I still continue to get angry emails wondering just how much longer they are going to have to wait for their bears. I can’t apologize enough for the delays. I really can’t. I’m doing my best, I really am, and I don’t want anyone to think that I am purposely putting people off because I’m not interested. Of course not.

My system right now is pretty simple. I work up three bears a day. Two that were previously ordered, then one to sell so that I can pay the bills. With it being the middle of the month I’m already thinking forward to next month. I’ll need to work up and sell about 20 bears to make sure next month is paid for. But, to be truthful, I honestly think I can only do 6 or 7 ready to sell bears. For every angry email I get, I drop whatever bear I’m working on to begin working on an older made to order bear from months ago.

With some help, I honestly think I can have all of my previous orders finished up within the next weeks. I have Kara and Carlos now helping me and I honestly think if I’m not making up 20 ready to sell bears, I could finish up my older orders within the next 6 weeks. That would get me to the beginning of October, which would give me a fresh and clean slate for working up ready to sell bears for Christmas. Being ready to sell bears for Christmas would be an awesome achievement for me, financially. We’re doing so good now, but I fear the more charge backs I get to my account, the more inclined the bank or paypal is willing to just cut me loose. So, I think its in my best interest to really focus on my older orders, get everyone taken care of, and finally, freely move forward without worry. And any amount helps out. Someone once donated enough for a cup of coffee to my next trip to Starbucks to knit. I thought that was awfully sweet and kind. So, anything helps out at all. Anything.

If you did order a bear from me months ago and are reading this, please accept my sincerest apologies for the delay. Many of you have been so understanding and kind and even helpful. So, to those of you that are angry with me, I do beg your apology, I understand your anger, and I am trying everything in my power to make this all right by you. Not just for your orders in the past, but that the arrival of that little bear and his little pout will bring a feeling of warmth and smile to your face and the wait will have been worth it.

You already know you’re all in my heart and in my thoughts.

I really do need some help.

Much love and hope,


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    1. I’m sorry, I know nothing about you or why you ordered or how long you’ve been waiting but I just had to reply to you. I’m wondering why you made your purchase and why you are now so negative. Gregory has been very up front with his process and his efforts to keep up production while still keeping a roof over his head. I think most of his fans and supporters found him though his writing and his customers don’t expect instant gratification like you were placing an order on Amazon. This is not some assembly line, this is something beautiful and special and Gregory makes people all over the world feel we are taking a very special journey along with him.

      Again, there are probably circumstances that I am completely unaware of in your situation and maybe if I were in your place I’d also be angry. But there is so much beauty and truth in what Gregory posts and I have been following this amazing venture of his with such job that it hurt my heart to see your post.

      Just had to stick my nose in. I hope you change your mind, I have a feeling that if you do get your order you will be surprised to discover that you have received so much more than just and over-due bear.

      1. Her money was refunded, thanks to a donation from someone who wanted to see her quieted. I sent along a note. “I wish you all the best in your future heart aches.” I think that says it best. Should I hear another word from her, nor should any of you, let me know. For now that the debt has been settled, we now move into the realm of embarrassing harassment. Thanks!

  1. Gregory, I really didn’t mean to make my email sound angry, if it did. I really only wanted an update and your recent blog definitely provided that information.
    I know you’re doing your best and now I’ll just wait patiently and look forward to meeting my beautiful new bear.
    In the meantime I will try to find the time to knit one up with your pattern.
    Take care and best of luck,
    Jane in Winnipeg

  2. Wow. Just read that person’s comment that they will send the bear back. I don’t care HOW LONG YOU TAKE TO COMPLETE MY ORDERS, I just want to know how far down the list I am. I know that you need to pay rent and to eat and everything. If you can’t get to my orders until November, then so be it! And I have to agree with Charlie Rainbow Wolf – glad to see that “Sorry, your item is sold out” notice. I hope you plan on making Christmas bears – I want to get another one for my sis in law and me! Keep knitting, as I know you’ll get it done sometime!

    Been cloudy comfortable feeling day today – had a nice rain so the air is clean in Glendale AZ. Peace and love to you, my bro in Flo!

  3. As I’ve said in the past, I know what it takes to make things by hand and I know it’s worth the wait. People that don’t know about handmade things have no idea. I waited for a YEAR for a handmade set of rosewood needles. They were so worth the wait and I know the bears you are making my girls will be worth it too. If you think you will be caught up by November that means that I’ll have the bears by Christmas and that’s just peachy with me! I love your bears and think they are the cutest little things! You don’t have far to go to get caught up so keep trucking, the end is in sight. If I am able, you will have a donation from me before the end of the month. People helped me and my husband when we were down and out so anytime I can pay it forward, I do. HUGS!

  4. Gregory – I bought a Christmas Bear last year and made a donation of $100 at the time. The bear sits on my shelf and makes me smile. But I would be willing to ship the bear back to you so you could sell it again, if you’d like. I didn’t know how to email you privately.

  5. Hi Gregory,
    I have a great idea! How about all your loving & loyal followers knit a couple limbs for you? I work with the Oak Tweed all the time, so I’m sure I can take some time to make some limbs for you. I’m going to Joanns this Sunday to use up all 7 coupons I have, so I can pick up one skein at half off. I make doggy sweaters for my Etsy store & I’m so ready to take a break from it (I’m sure you know what I mean!) πŸ˜‰ Imagine if just 20 followers make 4 limbs each, that’s 80 limbs total for 40 bears. Viola….all caught up! I bought your pattern, so I’m good. If you’re game, I will volunteer to knit limbs for you. Lemme know….I need to pay it forward!

    1. That’s an awesome idea. I’ll knit up some limbs too. Just send me a pm on ravelry or an email with an address to send them to…
      abingham on rav

  6. So, this has nothing to do with waiting. I had a stressed out day, waiting for a reply about a job interview (it’s been 2 weeks now, ugh!) so, I had the pattern and sat and made a bear. I had to do some binge watching on Netflix to complete him, but he is cute. Yet, I have a problem, I can’t see what you did for the nose vey clearly, no matter how much I try to magnify the picture. The nose on my bear looks wonky and I don’t like it. Can you send me a diagram or a close up picture of the face? I have six grandchildren and I plan to make one for each kiddo in different colors. Yes, even for the boys who are in school now. I would appreciate anything you can do!
    Camille (currently in New Orleans) from Northern California.

  7. Dear Gregory,
    In times when I feel like I am in a funk and I can’t see my desk, I take a deep breath, make some tea, put on some Rachmaninov on repeat and attack the pile of work until I see my tabletop again.
    So just keep going. The end of the list will show up sooner or later.
    In the meantime, here’s a virtual hug and a mug of warm vanilla earl grey. (Nothing more comforting than vanilla imho)
    Much love,
    Mela (a litigation lawyer in Singapore)

  8. Gregory, I think that’s a wonderful idea, to work as hard as you can to catch up. Then you will start with a clean slate, and I’m betting your heart will be much lighter for it. πŸ™‚ Best wishes to you.

  9. PS If you decide to, and have time to make Christmas bears. I will be clicking the ‘buy’ button for sure. I’m sure one of your bears would love to spend a nice sunny Christmas in Australia. πŸ™‚

  10. Dear Gregory, you know I am not rushing and I know how wonderful your bears are πŸ™‚ feel free to bump mine down the list when you need πŸ™‚ I would rather have one of your bears knitted with love and sent when done, even if I end up last πŸ™‚ I also keep clicking for a ready made but they go so fast! which I am very pleased for you πŸ˜€ I am glad you have an end in sight, esp as I know how bogged down you have been at times. πŸ™‚ keep happy and keep loved by nearly all of us πŸ˜€ and Thank you to the donator who gave the funds to clear the grumpy! We do Love the mad man knits bears πŸ™‚ and love to Kara and Mario.

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