So, I received four donations to help me get ahead and I’m so very grateful for that. But, I’m still going to have to push out an extra 20 bears by the end of the month to make this work. I’m looking at my stash, wondering how clever, how creative I can make these 20 bears. But, I am determined to finish up all my past orders within the next 6 weeks.

I think I’ve been a touch bitchy towards Kara. She gets me, though. She understands. We’ve been friends for nearly 20 years. We can speak to each other in ways you can’t to some people.

She’ll hand me a stack of bodies she knit and I look at them and go, “They’re not good enough. They’re too big. Some of the stitches are wider than others. You have to do them over.” And she’ll laugh and give me that LOOK and I’ll just have to say, “They have to be right, every single time. These people paid really good money for these bears and they have to be perfect. Consistent. Every single time.” And then she forgives me because she understands the intention. We can’t fool around with these bears and send them out with one leg shorter than an other. Or the body three times larger than the head. Can’t be done. They have to look perfect, every single time. Because these bears represent hope, joy, struggles that leave darkness behind. Struggles that embrace the light. And to be truthful? Those concepts are perfect. So that bear had BETTER be perfect. It can’t feel, or look, or be embraced by anything other than hope, joy. And she forgives me, because she knows the intention behind what I’m doing. My mission statement.

I’ve been asked what I wanted to do with this teddy bear idea of mine and I’ve always said, time and time again, that the end result is philanthropy. That first teddy bear I knit up saved me from starvation and homelessness. And that same teddy bear needs to do the same for others. At some point, my intention is to live a simple, meager life, financially secure and sound, and spend the rest of my days (God willing, a lot of them!) doing for others. That teddy bear needs to be the proof of good intention. That he will someday feed others, that he will house others. That is my intention. To take care of others in the same way all of you have taken care of me. That teddy bear saved me, because you saw the intention in it. You KNEW what I was doing with that bear.

But, that concept cannot be approached until these older orders are finished and sent on their way. I’ll ever get there if these older orders don’t get to their homes.

Because every bear that goes out is a reminder to their recipient, that a little guy in Orlando with nothing more than a set of knitting needles, intends to do good by the world. One bear at a time. And I need your help to do that.

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  1. Intention is a big part of what goes into my knitting as well. And that reminds me, I’ve been meaning to buy one of your patterns. You should charge more for them, by the way – I’m glad to see you’ve increased your teddy bear prices, do the same for your patterns :).

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