Why Not Red?

IMG_0717I’ve taken a few days away from the internet. I do that every now and then. You have to do that. I know it’s hard for the world to imagine, but its a necessity. My work, my livelihood, my pleasure, all come from this little laptop, and sometimes you have to fold it up, put it away and connect back to real life. I’ve been working up my orders and still determined to have them all finished within the next 6 weeks. *Fingers crossed. But, I still have to get some bears sold before the end of the month.

I’ve been spending my knitting time outside for as long as possible. This week is probably the hottest of the year, usually. Sure enough, it was a heat index of 105 degrees today, so I’ve started stepping inside to get my work done. 🙂 So, anywhere from 7am to 10am, I’m able to spend outside, and then head back out after 8pm for another hour or two before heading to bed.

I was working up an order for Benita, who actually sent me quite a bit of red in order for me to complete a red bear for her. There was so much red left over that I decided to whip another one up to sell. And why not red? He’s made from Galloway’s 100% wool in a striking red. A very BOLD red. He’s a touch smaller than my usual bears, only about 10″ inches high. He’s ready to shop with a signed card by me. So, if you’d like to adopt him, click here.

I guess I feel I want to say alot more, but not this evening. Hopefully, this little guy will be adopted tonight, and I can pull off my boots, crawl up with a pillow and Mario, grab a bowl of popcorn and watch a little “Murder, She Wrote.”

If you’d like to buy my patterns, click here.

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  1. Gregory, I get this! You may want to consider a new book by the Canadian Author Michael Harris. ( The End of Absence) what’s lost in a connected world. I am going to do the best I can to try and promote you and your cool teddy bears.
    Thanks, Jay

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