Called to Serve

I was knitting a short while ago. Surprise! Yes, if you know my schedule, up at about 6am, make coffee, grab needles, go. I often listen to the radio while I’m knitting, no matter where I am. Sometimes music, sometimes talk radio. A short while ago, I heard the press conference of Dr. Kent Brantly, the doctor with Samaritan’s Purse who contracted Ebola and was now being released from the hospital, clean and cured. But, there was something he said in his press conference that caused me to sit back, put the needles down, and reflect. He said, and I’m paraphrasing mind you, that he and his family had moved to Liberia for a two years stint because they were called by God to serve and at the time Ebola was not on the radar.

And I kept doing my best to connect with that idea, “….called to serve.” But, my first thoughts were not quite like you might think. My first ideas were actually the idea of hearing sighs and groans of people country wide who might have thought, “Another one of those……you know, Christians.” And they roll their eyes. I couldn’t help it. I’ve seen reactions like that. I’ve witnessed people dismiss someone because they mention in the public forum their dutiful need to serve God.

And in cases like this I am obliged to reflect and mention that at any moment you see injustice in the world, and you are affected, and you have a monumental desire to DO something about it, then that is a privileged that many are not usually empowered with; that perhaps God, the Universe, the Light, whatever you want to call it, directed its intentions upon YOU and YOU felt something gnawing inside you that demanded YOU do something to correct it. Blessings move through our hearts and yields itself through our actions on a daily basis. Being called to serve can last a lifetime, or can last but a split second. Being called to serve can be as grand as finding your life uprooted and dropped into a disease ridden group of people who need your talents to give them life, or being called to serve can be as simple as the tender touch of your hand on the shoulder of someone in need of affection. Being called to serve is the instantaneous reaction to a need within to bring good to a bad in the world, being called to serve is being aware of pain, suffering, heartache, injustice, and being pulled by an incredible desire for which you cannot stray from that forces you to put into action what your heart pains over. That is being called to serve.

So, whatever complexity you find your faith, or if you have none at all, you are part of the human collective, and our strange humanity is bound by emotions driven by instinct. We feel because we are inclined to. We feel pain for another, because we are empathetic. It is in our nature to be good towards each other. Anything else is neither Godly, nor human.

We feel inspired to help because we are a collective, knowing that the worst of our pains and sufferings can never go unnoticed, for they affect all of us on emotional levels, on spiritual levels. And perhaps that is mother nature’s way, God’s way, of reminding us that if it at once it could happen to some, so it could happen to all of you. So, we hope, we work, we help each other, we do what we can when inspired to help those, as an instinctual reminder that humans are communal. What could happen to one of us, could happen to any of us… all of us.

The young doctor was called to move his family to Liberia to help those in need……he was called. And the poor man was afflicted with a terrifying illness that kills many…..and found himself in need of our help, our prayers. And then we were called to hope for him, pray for him, and for his cause!

Being called to serve, despite your spiritual views, is more a communal, human idea than many of us might think. It’s an insurance, that no one in need of anything, from cures, to food, to shelter, to a tender touch, should feel alone. For our connection to each other, to something greater, reminds us that if one of us goes down, so we all go.

So when someone shouts, “We are one!” Remind them, THAT is the idea. If one goes down, we all go. Not just one color, nor one race, nor one country but all of humanity suffers when those in need are left alone….when your desire to do something about pain and fear, when you refuse the call to serve is ignored. We don’t pick up sides of a situation, we pick up each other.

Again, being called to serve can last a lifetime, or a split second. Each equally powerful in its remembrance of our connection to each other and the Divine.

I’m picking up my needles now. Gonna get back to work. We are all called in our own distinct ways to serve.

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  1. I serve by baking cookies. I don’t sell them I give them away. You can see me on Ravelry as onewarmcookie. I’d love to send some to you. Can you get me an address or that P.O. box you are soon to get? Tell me what kind you want and I’ll send them to you. Keep knitting. Debra

  2. As I read through the very articulate blog today, I thought of this passage in Mark, & how it may just pertain to you, especially what Jesus said to the you scribe in the last paragraph.

    Stay as cool as you can in those temps & heat index…

    Mark 12:28 Then one of the scribes approached him. He had been listening to the discussion, and noticing how well Jesus had answered them, he put this question to him, “What are we to consider the greatest commandment of all?”

    29-31 “The first and most important one is this,” Jesus replied—‘Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your strength’. The second is this, ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself’. No other commandment is greater than these.”

    32-33 “I am well answered,” replied the scribe. “You are absolutely right when you say that there is one God and no other God exists but him; and to love him with the whole of our hearts, the whole of our intelligence and the whole of our energy, and to love our neighbours as ourselves is infinitely more important than all these burnt-offerings and sacrifices.”

    34 Then Jesus, noting the thoughtfulness of his reply, said to him, “You are not far from the kingdom of God!” After this nobody felt like asking him any more questions.

  3. As a person who has been burned by religion , on more than one occasion, I sometimes feel that people can be vey preachy and not practice at all. If a person professes to be a good…..fill in the blank, they should practice. Go out and be that good person. That doctor is a truly good person, so is the woman who came back ill. If we all did our part, no matter how small, there would be less that needed done by the few who truly serve.
    Do I feel moved to serve? Sometimes, and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by it all. I am a school teacher, I think I serve every day. And some days, not so much.

  4. Beautifully put, Gregory. No man/woman is an island. We all affect each other. There are those who know in the depths of themselves that there is something greater than they are alone, something that is infinite and powerful. Some deny that part of themselves and some actively fight it, lash out and do mean, nasty, sometimes cruel things to their neighbors. (I have one of those right now doing their utmost to make a very difficult and painful situation even harder. It’s very tempting to lash out in return, but that ultimately helps nothing. So my very Christian neighbors are not so Christian, other than showing up at church, then doing exactly opposite what they’re being asked to do once out the church door. I pray for them, I bless them. Unfortunately, I do not trust them, nor like them, but I do love them because they are also part of the divine.) I’ve had that calling to serve, done so when it was possible, sometimes “he also serves who only stands and waits”. The reward is incredible, but so it the splendor of the divine, infinite, eternal flame in each of us.

  5. Well said my dear. We are called to serve. I may not be able to do much but when I am called to do something how ever small, I do. Imagine what this world would be if we learned to give instead of take, to live the way we were created to live. I long for the day that Christ comes back so we can live the way we were meant to.

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