I Wanna See More Bears in the World

IMG_0558DSC_1215DSCF3784_medium2IMG_0522IMG_0350So, while I’m busy working up my bears, my past orders, I really would love to see more bears put out there, more bears made as gifts moving their way through the world, spreading smiles, giving joy. So, I’ve dropped the price of my patterns down to $2 so that they can be easily affordable to anyone. But, that’s just for now. I’m working on a book of patterns I hope to have ready in October, then the patterns will probably go back up. I hate doing that. I hate talking like that, but there you have it. An income must be made, an income must be considered.

If you already have the pattern, or if you don’t know how to knit, share it with someone. It’s an easy enough bear, or rabbit, or tiger, that can be completed in a day. Easily! And don’t forget, there are video tutorials on my video page to help with embroidering the face, and assembling the bear. This actually means a lot to me. The less bears I have to make “for sale” allows me to focus more on bears that were already ordered. So, I can’t thank you enough for buying my pattern, or sharing it with someone that might like it. And thanks for all the awesome comments about my last post, “Called to Serve.” If I could speak as I write, I’d do more video blogs, but as of now, my video blogs would DSC_1280be only me talking about how we should all go boil some peanuts and play croquet.

Ok, getting back to work. Knitting while watching the “Alien” series. Damn! Female heroines kick ass.

Hope ya’ll are having a great weekend.

If you’d like to buy my patterns, click here.

If you appreciate my writing and you’d like for this blog to continue, please support! This blog survives because of you!




      1. Oooooo, crocheted bear! Count me in !!!

        Love the photo of you, Gregory, holding that bag of peanuts. The look on your face it like it’s Christmas. :> And crochet is too fun!


      2. I meant CROQUET is too fun! Sorry. Have a cold and my spelling
        is off. But still would love a crochet bear pattern if you make one up
        that you are pleased with. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  1. I’ve wanted one of your bears for my daughter for a while now, but they sell out quickly and, although I believe they are worth every penny, and more, I never seem to have the money when I see one like! So I decided to buy the pattern. I prefer to crochet animals, because I’ve had bad luck knitting them in the past. I’m going to give it a try though, I even know what yarn I’m going to make it with! Thanks for making such wonderful bears and offering the pattern.

  2. oo peanuts! one day I will get to florida and hope for a knitting session in starbucks! and a long chat about everything, and maybe some peanuts boiled! maybe 🙂 my daughter has been working in the US and comes home this week! if she goes over again my husband and I may come visit the US and get to all the folk we keep saying yes we will come visit some time! and I want to come knit with you 🙂 humm I wonder how much wool I can stuff in my luggage!… I have all your patterns and love them, I plan to make jazzy striped wild bears to release in the wild one day soon, when I get time (four letter word time.) happy knitting and while we are getting frosts already I know your still warm there! 😛 We don’t mind ramble please feel free to do more spoken!

  3. I have both your bear & bunny patterns. I’ve only made a bear so far, and I love him, and I’m planning to make at least three of them for Christmas gifts. I really want to try the tiger! The videos are awesome too, very helpful for me since I’m not that experienced in embroidering or sewing pieces together. Can’t wait to see a book of patterns from you!

  4. Hi Greg! I have both your bear pattern and your bunny pattern! I still haven’t gotten over my fear of dpn’s but hopefully I will master them soon! I would LOVE to see a crochet bear and I will definitely buy the pattern as soon as you get a pattern that suits you!

    You are still an inspiring designer for me and others who may or may not have the skills to design their own patterns! Much love and (((HUGS)))!!

  5. Love the idea of a crocheted bear pattern- I’m an idiot with two needles! Or how about a cat- the tiger is really special! I know you’re swamped with work, to be getting suggestions for more work is probably just too cheeky of me, but…! And out here in the Great Northwest of Washington state, we play a mean game of “Killer Croquet”, where it’s acceptable to punt someone’s ball across the freeway- this is the adults only version, but the kids are pretty rough too!

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