Three Boutique Bears









So, I finally made my way to the boutique yarn shop up on Mills. I’ve been wanting to go to to The Black Sheep for a good while now, but never seemed to have the time and certainly not the money. Local yarn stores can be a bit pricey, we all know this, but that’s because the quality of the yarn is usually exceptional. A friend of mine offered to buy a skein of yarn and I jumped at the chance. “Hell yeah! Let’s go!” He caught a pic of me on the floor of the store, just admiring all the different yarns. I really liked the store. I look forward to going back. Especially when they have their open knitting nights.

While I was there I was able to snag some yarn……dang it. I can’t remember the name of the yarn. You would have thought I kept the label so I could talk about how it worked up in my hands, what it felt like and all that stuff, right? Nope. I stupidly threw the label away. All I remember is that it was from the UK and was a man’s name. Yep. That’s it. It was a fair enough yarn. Reminded me of Lionbrand’s Homespun. Lovely stuff to work with, very soft and pliant, but the bulkier weighted yarns always cramp up my hands. So, that was the only drawback. My hands were in a lot of pain. Would I work with that yarn again? Hard to say. I like the way the yarn felt, just didn’t like how my hands felt.

My friend snagged another pic, a rather nice one, of me working up some bears, with Mario perched on my lap. The whole set up is rare. Mario doesn’t care too much for people, and tends to hide when she hears a stranger’s voice come around. Nope, that day she claimed me, sat on my lap and demanded he take a picture of her “good side.” Notice I haven’t shaved in about a week? I’ve been busy trying to get all of those older orders finished by the end of September. But, with rent coming up, I needed some new bears to adopt out. So, these are the three bears that I worked up with that skein from England. They’re much bigger than my usual bears because of the bulkier weight. The yarn is made of acrylic, but its a nicer acrylic, in no way rough. These are definitely one of a kind because of the nature of the gradient in the yarn. Notice how their faces are all different. Oh! And notice how the one bear has smaller ears than the others? Ran out of yarn JUST at that moment, so I had to improvise. They’re all ready to ship with a signed card by me. Just click on the picture of the bear you’d like to adopt.

Ya’ll have a great Sunday! I gotta get back to work!

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  1. I love seeing you wallowing amongst all that yarn! Perfect place to spend a bit of time. And I also like the idea of you showing up there for their open knitting nights.

  2. I’ve used a Baby Blanket version of James C. Brett for a sleeper and it was the softest acrylic/polyester I’ve ever felt. Definitely good quality.

    I discovered boutique yarn stores this year (great name for them) and while I can’t afford a lot of what they carry, most of them have a good clearance section. I’m glad you were able to feel, see and covet the more expensive yarns! 🙂

  3. Off topic, but I recently purchased your bear pattern. As I was printing it out, by daughter was looking over my shoulder and admiring the bear. I started scrolling through the blog archives, and she just kept saying, “Oh, he’s so talented!” And she’s a fickle 10, so that is pretty high praise.

  4. Hi! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and was saving up for one of your lovely bears for my little one. And I’m so excited because I just bought one!! With your normal bears not for sale at the minute (which I completely understand!) and the time difference meaning that I always missed out on your one of a kind bears I had settled in to wait! But then this bear was still for sale and he’s perfect!! And yes I am sounding like an excited kid because that’s exactly how I feel. Your bears are exactly what I wanted for my daughter because of what they are and mean. I can’t wait to get him in the post and to see bubs face when she gets to hold her bear! Thank you so so much!!

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