Pink and Burgundy Part II

IMG_0737I guess this little bear wasn’t wanted by anyone, so I dropped the price quite a bit to help him find a home. I’m still busy filling older orders and I really am quite convinced I can have the bulk of those older orders out by the end of September. So, things are going along fairly well.  I was thinking about what to do about a Christmas bear and rather than do something special, I wanted all those older orders to be out in time for Christmas. There’s so much more I wanna say right now, but Carlos is coming over with a ton of arms and legs that he knit up and Kara has already dropped off her contributions, so we’ll be having quite the bear fest later today.

Oh! If you’d like the pink and burgundy bear, click on the picture. She’s made of Lionbrand Wool Ease, and Debbie Bliss Cashmere. She is 10# tall from toe to head and is ready to shop with a signed card by me.

Hope your week is going well!


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  1. Love your wool shop visit, I am so bad for new wool, my latest though is from Washington DC as my daughter went to America to work for the summer and brought me wool! so nice 🙂 I know how much fun a new ball of something lush is! I missed your pretty mixed colour bear 🙂 but I am glad she went!

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