Jade Bear

IMG_0746So, this is the little bear I was working on last night when my surprise pizza came. I had some of this Jade Heather left over from a messenger bag I made for a dear friend a while back. While stumbling through my stash I spied it and decided to give it new life as a bear. The skein is Paton’s Classic Wool, which is quickly becoming one of my favorites to work with. It’s a nice, clean wool. And I love the way the fibers really seem to hold each other from stitch to stitch. Something I can never get cotton to do. Anyway! The bear measures 12″ from tippy toe to top of head and is ready to ship with a signed card from me. Just click on the picture to adopt him. (Don’t you just love that face????)

I’m shut in this weekend. Got all the supplies I need. Working my tale off to get more bears out the door to complete my six week goal.

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  1. I have a LOT of lovely wool that I will never be able to use up before I pass on to the great yarn shop in the sky. Would be very happy to share with you, if the postage/ups is not too outrageous.
    Love your blog and your teddies,

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