I Hope This Bear Finds You Well

It’s been a quiet day. Very quiet. It rained quite a bit, so I never really got out of my pajamas. I did a lot of work, got a lot of knitting done. Reheated my lentils from last night (don’t forget, someone sent me a pizza 🙂 )

I was sipping on lentils, flopping around my apartment in my pajamas and boots….(I know I’ve told you that before, right? I always have my boots on. Its leftover from the homeless days. It comes from a fear that me and the cat will have to leave at any moment, so I can’t help it. Its a tweak in my psychology I can’t shake. I wake in the morning and I put on my boots, despite what I’m wearing. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch me walking around my apartment in my underwear and my boots. It’s quite the sight. Kinda cute, actually).

But, I heaved a sigh and thought, “This spell must be broken.” I threw on some Siouxsie. That’s right. Siouxsie and the Banshees would perk me up. I was lurking around my apartment dancing in my boots and pj’s to “Face to Face” having a grand time.

Awww, the remembrance of youth…..flooded with visions of the 90’s and what fun they were. I was a ridiculous boy who actually once kissed a girl. 🙂 We watched Kids in the Hall and made rice crispy treats, wore flared bottomed trousers and danced at Barbarella. We bought Madonna’s “Sex” book and giggled like kids who had seen their first porn mag. We did fiery poetry readings at open mic nights, and didn’t share posts on facebook, but shared our tables at coffee houses. We ran home to watch the latest episode of X-Files because no one could afford a VCR because they were expensive and if you missed the X Files…..well, you missed it. Nothing was on demand. Everything happened in the moment, and if you missed the moment…..sorry, Charlie.

unnamed5I worked up a little sweat dancing to some Siouxsie….and sat back to peek through some emails. And this one, this one caught me. Joern ordered one of my bears for a newborn. After some lengthy time (I’m working on that) and an ocean away (the bear went to Norway), the bear finally arrived and Joern was gracious enough to send me a photo of the little newborn with my bear. God, that was wonderful. What a wonderful photo. I sat and gazed and smiled.

I took my headphones off, and put Siouxsie away. I went back to my lentils, pajamas and boots with cat in my lap….and picked up my knitting needles.

Its been a quiet day. Very quiet…….as it should be 🙂

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  1. Hi Gregory! I wouldn’t have pegged you for Siouxsie and the Banshees but I DO remember the X-files, VCRs, friendship on-demand, and living in the moment. I love that you’re getting caught up on the bears and that you’ve shared one of them in its new home with its new friend–hopefully for life!

    Best wishes and keep up the good fight!

  2. love the post. love the photo. there’s a reaffirmation in actually seeing your intent creating it’s destiny, isn’t there. Keep up the good work.

  3. Have a wonderful weekend, Gregory. The bear I received was gifted to a dear friend of mine. He is, right now, sitting next to Hannibal the bear, who has travelled all over the world and even has his own Facebook page. I don’t know if he has been named, but he’s in good company with my friend Ed and his partner, Terry, Marty (their adopted stray cat now also living in the lap of love), and of course, Hannibal. I’m sure they will tell stories and become fast friends. As I type this, I am listening to the cicadas singing their late summer song. It is a beautiful day in Bettendorf, Iowa, and I send you my love and prayers for a peaceful day – today and every day. Dance with your boots on, my friend, life is short!

  4. You know, once in a while it’s good to let go and have a little fun. But getting back to the subject of bears: who knows how the relationship will go between that precious boy-child and your sweet teddy bear. My grandson, Atley, was given a Tigger stuffed animal when he was born, a gift from his then 3-year-old cousin. Tigger bears the raggediness of a very loved stuffed best friend and manages to photo-bomb most photos of Atley. I only hope that your little bear will get to enjoy a similar future. Tigger, if he could talk, would probably tell him that a loving relationship with a little boy is so much better than merely sitting on someone’s shelf and getting dusty-old. Loved your post. Marge

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