Give That Bear His Own Pattern

IMG_0768People seemed to like my Teddy Bear with Mock Sweater, Hat and Scarf so much…..(man, that seems like an awfully long title……) anyway, people like the bear so much, I thought I’d whip up a pattern for him. And, as always, with it being the middle of the month and my looking ahead towards next month’s rent, I thought I’d go ahead and and publish the pattern, promote it, and hopefully bring in a few bucks. I’m currently working on another version of the bear to hopefully post tomorrow, this one is a touch more feminine with pink being used instead of the Jade Heather. Actually, the pink, brown, creme and grey all look so really nice together. Like a classic Parisian box of confections. Dang, that was a nice description…..Anyhow, grab the pattern! Make up some teddy bears for the winter! Share the pattern with your friends, your knitting friends, and convince them to make up a teddy bear for you! If you’d like the pattern for the bear, just click on the picture.

If you’d like to buy my patterns, click here.

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  1. I recently purchased the bear and bunny pattern. I am glad to see you experimenting and expanding on your work with such great success! I’ve still not been successful when trying to click to buy, but perhaps one day soon.

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