A Mystery and a Favor

IMG_0794I received some yarn in the mail the other day and was amazed at how cool this stuff was. I love it. LOVE it. Probably my new favorite. Four small skeins in four different colors. Enough to do maybe 2 or 3 different bears with different hats and sweaters.

There’s only one tiny little problem…..I have no idea who sent it or what kind of yarn it is. It truly feels like a mix of wool and cotton. An extraordinarily durable, but soft yarn that was pliant in my hands, but whose fibers held close together… I love this stuff so much that I would definitely consider making this my go-to yarn for bears from now on. An exclusive yarn I work with. So! I need your help! Who sent me this???? I am so anxious to thank you!!! What kind of yarn is it???? It’s definitely a natural fiber, you can feel it, but who makes it???? PLEASE contact me and let me know. The return address was a little messed up by the time it got here, but there is one clue on there that I can use to identify you, so PLEASE be in touch with me and let me know who you are so I can thank you so much for this AMAZING yarn.

The bear I was able to make with this mystery yarn measures 12″ from head to toe, has a mock sweater and a removable cap. He’s ready to ship tomorrow morning with a signed card by me. He’s the only one……but, I sure would like to know what this yarn is so I can make more. If you would like to adopt him, just click the picture.

If you’d like the pattern so you can make this bear, click here.

If you’d like to buy my other knitting patterns, click here.

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  1. If you have any leftover take it into your local yarn store. They may be able to tell you the fiber content with a burn test as well as the name.

  2. oh I do hope you solve this 🙂 good wool is always a treat, makes a boring pattern okay and makes a good one fly by! and fab stuff makes you want to knit instead of sleep!

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