It’s Llama, Baby.

Interesting day. Quite late…..I guess. About 11:30pm in Central Florida. I’ve actually been wanting to head to bed for a while now, since about 9, but I know if I do I’ll be back up at 4am and straight back to work. But then I’d be something of a zombie. Zombie man knitting.

I’ve had a rather great day, actually. Let’s start with pork chops. A package of 3 at the supermarket on sale for $2.50. So for dinner I made one pork chop, left over cabbage from my stew became cole slaw, and a little potato roared into a mashed. Great dinner on the cheap.

But! I received an email from my mystery gifter that sent the yarn from my last post. Turns out, it’s a mix of wool and baby llama fur. No WONDER it felt so luscious and REAL. Without dye and available in only a few colors (because they don’t have purple llamas yet), it’s an amazing yarn and I love the bear it made. It’s awfully expensive. Cascade’s Eco Cloud. Love it. Sadly, way out of my budget, but I sure do love looking forward into the future when I’ll make ALL my bears from this great hank.

Secondly, a stack of boxes by my front door allowed me to finally plop into a chair, wipe my brow in cartoon fashion and whisper with a word bubble, “Whew!” Ten boxes going out in the mail tomorrow. Ten teddy bear orders from past days all worked up and ready to finally go their new homes. Lot’s of work in rainy days while watching “That 70’s show” yielded a nice dent in my back orders while still trying to knit up bears to keep the rent paid. THAT is a great feeling. Accomplishment. Promises fulfilled. Progress is being made.

With a full and satisfied tummy, with some good work under my belt, and a tiny little cat intent on curling in the crook of my knee, it’s a good time to head to bed.

Thank you all for a great day.

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  1. Getting things done gives us such a sense of accomplishment. I am happy for you! When I receive my bears, I’m going to save them for Christmas for my girls. And when they open them, I will tell them about you and your legacy will continue. Have a good night!

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